Does anyone really think the Senate will pass a health Care Bill by 7/31st? You can bet on it!

On Thursday we had 4 plays and went 3-1.

Our 1/2 unit play on Oakland +195 lost 1-6 and our 3 overnights were:  Pit +109 won 4-0, San Diego +102 won 6-0 and St Louis +123 won 10-4.

So far today I have sent out 3 plays. One play is canceled because of a pitching change. So that leaves 2 plays.

Looking over the political betting the odds of the health care bill passing the Senate by July 31st is 70% against.  That is despite all the statements that the Senators are going to do whatever is necessary to pass the bill.

I do not believe it a bit. Although the price is a bit higher then I would like to lay it seems to me that there is very little chance that a health care bill is going to come out of the Senate.

If I could bet this juice free I would lay a price on this wager. The Republicans that right now are a no are in order of certitude:









That is a lot of Senators when they only can afford to lose 2. And those do not include the ones that will not commit as they may not have to show their hand if no vote is obtained.

My prediction is the true odds are around 4 to 1 against. Not a bad overlay.

Good Luck Today


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