April MLB Overnight Results are in, with updated results on short put trades.

April results are now behind us in MLB and here is the monthly tally:

Overnight Sides: with additional stats  (April)
20-22   + .13 (.003% ROI)
Advantage to closing line
+6.90 per game over closing line  31-8-3 (79.48%)
Top to Bottom swing to date 5.48 (+2.98/-2.50)

A few things to note:

The top to bottom swing in April was very small. Wagering on 42 games in April produced only a top to bottom swing of 5.48 units.

In addition, we broke about even with the overnight sides. But the takeaway is we beat the closing line 79.48% of the time. As long as we keep this up I suspect we will like the final tally at the end of the season. We beat the closing line by 6.90 on average per game.

The first two days of May we had 4 plays and went 2-2 for +.15 Units. The big stat is we beat the closing line in all 4 by a wide margin…. +17.75 per game!!!

In May I had my first regular-season total that lost, but these will be picking up and have been solid year in and year out. So expect more of these as we progress into the MLB season.

Monday afternoon I sent out 4 overnight MLB Side plays for today.

Moving on to my trading that I added to subscribers for no additional cost. I use Slack to send out most of my trades that I make during the trading day. I provide both my entry price and my exit price.

The best performer of all of these has been my 2-day short put sales. I typically place these on Thursday morning shortly after the market opens and they expire the next day after the close.

Since posting these I have had 302 trades with 284 winners and 18 losers. This is a 94.04% win rate. The profit factor on these trades is 3.83%


As you can see the drawdowns have been minimal.

Other categories of trades I make are Income trades consisting mostly of CEF’s that have a reasonable return and are below NAV, Mean Reversion Trades, and shorting puts in stocks I would not mind owning at a lower price.

The latter so far has been the riskiest. I manage the later trades selling calls if I happen to get the put exercised.

In addition to sending out my trades, each morning I have pre-market comments before the market opens. Here is this mornings:

All in all there is a lot of value in RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

At only 49.00 per month, you get all the sports plays I make, in addition to my stock and option trades.

All of my records on all sports are kept current on Slack and updated daily. 100% transparency like I have been doing the last 20 years. Time certainly goes by quickly. It seems like just yesterday I started this site. And now here we are almost 20 years later.

If you wish to join us,  use the PayPal dropdown menu on this site. All options have a 3-day free trial. 


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks


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  • Manish Oza

    I think you paused my slack. I was charged $49.00 a few days ago.

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