Are you 16+ units ahead sports betting MLB this season? Analysis of Cinci/Mets game for today posted!

On Monday we had no plays. That leaves us at +16.67 Units Season to Date sports betting MLB
Our Bet or pass totals went 2-1 for +1.08 Units. These bet or pass totals have been very solid. I suspect we will be betting on them next season.
Today so far we have 1 play and 2 Bet or Pass Totals.
Looking over the early numbers there is no game that stands out. Nothing looks very attractive so far. It’s early so let’s see what develops.
Betting MLB daily as we do typically create a number of equity swings. This season is no exception:) It is only through proper bet sizing that you can survive the downswings to stay in the game.
I have said many times before that if you do not have control over your bad betting habits you cannot survive as a sports bettor.
Sure at times, a positive variance will make you look like a genius. But sooner or later its going to be tough going. That when you learn who is going to survive in this very tough endeavor.
The free game breakdown I want to share today is:
905 CIN-S Romano 73% -108/-100 9U-117
906 NYM-J Vargas (L) 27% 8.5O-117 -107/-101
Model Edge: NYM 10+
Variable Edge: No Edge
Public % Edge: NYM Avg Edge
As I have said in the past I need all three to point to a side before wagering on the game. Here we have two out of three. This means that although I will not be wagering on the game if you’re doing your own handicapping you should rule out wagering on Cinci.
I provide a more detailed breakdown to subscribers. In addition, I provide the breakdown for every MLB game each day! You will not find a more helpful wagering guide anywhere for MLB.
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Good Luck Today
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