August is starting out to be a busy month in MLB!!!

There are a log of positive ev situations that come up in August MLB  you do not see in earlier months. I expect a pick up in plays this month and it already happening.

Monday we had 2 one unit plays and 1 1/2 unit play.

Minn +188 won 12-5 while Tampa -113 lost 0-3. We had a 1/2 unit total with Cleveland U 8-107 which lost 12-5. So a small gain for the day.

We also had 3 big move games:


Wash -187

Minn +201( canceled from big move because of pitching change)

Milw -101

With the closing line :

Wash -206

Milw -102

So a net positive for big move games yesterday.

I said things were picking up and today is no different. So far today 2 one unit plays, and 2 1/2 unit plays with another 3 big move games all sent out early this morning.

The time is rapidly approaching where the value of the football special will be gone. I give it maybe two more weeks before the big value disappears. Of course, the monthly subscription will always be available.

Good Luck Today


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