Are we back to boring in the Stock Market?

Are we back to boring in the Stock Market?

We had our big crash and v shape recovery, after all that it’s going to be very boring in the stock market. But boring can be good! That means it’s back to finding EV and trying to capture a bit of it:)

The markets are unchanged an hour before the open. The big event is tomorrow before the open withe the NonFarm payroll report. That should give us some volatility. So be aware that it’s coming up.

As I see it the bias slightly favors the bulls today. I have a position in KGC which it looks like I have overstayed my welcome in as its off 2% this morning. I expect letting loose of this trade shortly after the open with a small gain.

I am also short one stock with a small loss. So my position in the stock market now is pretty flat compared to what it was during the V recovery.

Today I will be looking for short-term swings and until we get a better bias will rule out medium-term swings. If there is no bias the chance of getting whipsawed is high. Sometimes it’s best to know when not to trade!

I have received a few emails about the 3 trading sites I have listed and how to use them.

They are the sites I feel that are educational and offer value for every level of trader. The best way to get into the sites is to pick one site. And start from the beginning. Read every post as if you were in a class. Take notes. Write down questions.

If you have a trading platform like TradeStation than you can set up charts similar to the way they are setup on the trading site. And then follow along with their thought process.

When the site discusses a technical analysis example put that into your chart and follow along.

All three of these sites are completely different in what they give to you. But I can tell you without hesitation they are some of the very best the web has to offer. The first two to me represent people that are totally dedicated to providing helpful knowledge to traders. The third is more system oriented along with a more sales-oriented approach. But the discussion of the various systems along with providing the Code make the site extremely helpful to understanding systems trading.

If you have any questions at all about the sites just send me an email. I will be glad to help guide you through this maze:)

If you want to follow my trades you can just follow @rickjswings. It’s my private trading twitter feed. It’s free and I post from time to time to give my thoughts. My primary concentration is sports handicapping so until I can devote the time and energy into sharing my trading as I do in handicapping the investment feed will stay free.

Good Luck Today

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