Betting is over 80% on each of 5 games today. Will they cover or go bust???

We had a busy day on Saturday with 7 one unit plays going 3-4. In College hoops, we went 3-2 and in the NHL 0-2.

Week 15 in the NFL is on deck and I am sinking in my results. After a monster start, I have speedily dropped out of contention with a 31-36-3 record. In addition, my one unit NFL picks on sides are 12-10. It’s amazing how the various sports shift back and forth for the lead in the most units won for the year. Once the NFL was #1 for me and the easiest to handicap. As I have mentioned this change has been in the works steadily over the last 5 years or so to where now what were once laughers are nailbiters and in some instances laughers the other way:)

But that is the nature of sports betting. It’s very fluid and if your dogmatic and wish to fight the fluid nature of sports betting believe me when I tell you it’s a fight you will not win!

Today my picks in the Hilton Contest in the order I liked them at the time:

Bears +6.5
Rams +16 (Lost)
Jacksonville +6
Denver +3.5
Carolina +6.5

The first 3 are my traditional handicapping results from there. Denver although it appears to fall into my universe it is really on the border. And Carolina with 55% of the wagering on them is a view similar to the one I am taking laying off of San Fran.

Yes, I again laid off San Fran this week despite the fact by my handicapping San Fran is the top pick of the day! So I preach follow your instruments and not what your mind is telling you!

And you would think me being an instrument rated pilot I would never deter from that rule:) But I stand by my thinking that they have Quarterback problem right now that is unsolvable and until they get it fixed San Fran is a bad wager. Let’s see what happens today.

The Hilton top 5 today:






The Hilton top 5 is on a roll going 4-0-1 last week and now at 30-37-3.

The % numbers for today:

GB 84

Oakland 81

Atlanta 81

NE 80

Houston 80

Balt 79

Pit 78

Buff 70

Tampa Bay 67

Arizona 61

KC 56

Det 55

Carolina 55

Minn 51

Animal spirits are getting frothy today after many of these high priced teams have been covering the past few weeks. You have 5 teams over 80% with another 2 over 75%. Only 3 games are under 60%.  Will it be this easy for the public today….I suspect an awakening coming very soon:)

So far today I have sent out 1 one unit play.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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