What is the betting line on the Biden Trump fight???

What is the betting line on the Biden Trump fight???

3:55 Update

Game 2 of the World Series:



Betting is 58% on the Road favorite with the line moving from -130 to -159. Models favor Cleveland slightly and variables are neutral on the game. Public betting slightly favors the Cleveland but not by much. With variables pointing to Cleveland,I am going to pass on the game. No need to stretch here.

Good Luck which ever side you take tonight!!!

Our politics have come down to this. The vice president saying he would like to take Trump out back and beat him up and Trump fires back that he accepts while accusing of Biden of being a real tough guy behind a podium!!!

Yes, we are now at that level:) Scary indeed!

So to make things interesting I am just wondering what the betting line would be on the fight. I imagine you could get a nice pay per view audience and have the proceeds go to charity. Since Don King is supporting Trump he could be the promoter. Just a thought as I write up Tuesday’s results.

Tuesday things picked up a bit as we had 3 one unit plays going 1-2.

In MLB we had a 1 unit play on Cleveland -104 for an easy 6-0 win. Then in the NHL we had Florida +135 for a 2-3 loss. Florida jumped out to a 2-0 lead but could not hold it. Finally, our first wager in the NBA regular season was on Utah +6 which had its chances but did not cover.

Also, we had a big move game on Cleveland in MLB which went from Cleveland being a dog to Cleveland closing a nice favorite. Nice to see these still work well in the playoffs and World Series.

So far now we have pending one 1 unit play.

I have had a number of new signups the last few days. I wanted to remind everyone that it’s imperative you read the Must Read portion of this site with the idea of establishing a systematic method for position sizing. No matter how many winners I put out if you do not do this you will have a hard time producing a win.

The advantage of doing this is 1. It keeps your betting size within your bankroll requirements and 2. it takes the human equation out of you wagering.

How many times have you doubled up or tripled up trying to get even? I guarantee you that not many of you have had more times than me. It took me years to figure out one of the secrets to sports betting.

Now that I am almost 70 I can proudly say I am a disciplined sports bettor. It sure took a long time:)

Seriously, this is as close to an absolute truth that you can find in sports betting. If you cannot do this then there is no need to sign up for this service. You will be very disappointed. But if you do it and make it a habit you will surpass all your friends and be one of the few that has an excellent chance of producing positive results each and every year.

That is where I come in. Besides putting out what I consider positive EV plays I am here to help and guide you to develop habits that you need to be successful in this endeavor.

There are not many services that take the time to do this let alone produce positive EV plays consistently. So take advantage of it and sign up through the PayPal menu. All options have a 3-day free trial. Hope to see you join us!

Good Luck Today


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