Beware Warning Number 2…Do not be Short the Markets….Yet!

11:45 Update

Thursday we went 2-2 on our plays. 1-1 in College Hoops and 1-1 in the NHL.  We won with Georgia +7 in College hoops as they won the game outright by 2. We lost with Cal Riverside +10  in a blowout. In the NHL we won with Boston -120 and lost with Calgary +105.

Tomorrow is a huge schedule. And it starts at 9:00 so will be a busy day. I just started looking over the games tonight but will have more to say a bit later to subscribers on tonight’s games.

Not much else to mention right now. I am open to questions or suggestions. Always looking to improve the experience on this site both to subscribers and non-subscribers. I have a variety of ideas and when I get some free time I will start implementing them.

Also if I make a mistake in reporting the prior days results I certainly welcome you pointing that out. Its very helpful to me to have someone looking over my shoulder as I try as hard as I can to get everything 100% correct.

You can track trades , plays, and setups now via the two spreadsheets I have posted on this site. They are links to google sheets and are kept current every day.

Also if you have an interest in following my trades the private twitter feed is now free. Just follow @rickjswings for my trades and comments throughout the day.

Good Luck Tonight




We are getting there rapidly. And today might just be the day to start shorting this Market. But the NFP number came out 25 Min ago and while it caused the markets to drop off its highs we are not in negative territory yet. Any rally from here has the potential to be quite sharp as everyone is expecting a pullback here.

I am also but I am still going to wait a bit. I have on a very boring position in TLT that I put on earlier in the week. I have a bit over 1% gain on the trade and a sharp pullback in the markets would go nicely with my long TLT.

As far as other trades I am looking at both sides of the market today for individual stock trades but they will be day trades only. The only position I am hunting is the start of a short mean reversion trade.

As most of you can tell I really enjoy trading the markets and also handicapping sports . I have had a number of passions in my life from being an airline pilot to trying complex medical negligence cases and defending alleged murderers but settling into a routine now that I am approaching 70 with something I enjoy and have a passion for is something that everyone should strive for. If you do not enjoy what you are doing day to day then you are missing out on much of what life is all about.

And of course, for humor you always have the political landscape. For the first time in History, we have had a Presidential frontrunner brag about his penus size at a Debate that is broadcast around the World!

Ok enough rambling its back to work. I am expecting a rally again today but not quite sure as to a reversal mid or end day. I will be stalking that for most of the day!


Good Luck Trading today


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