A busy 4th of july weekend for MLB has passed!!!

A busy 4th of july weekend for MLB has passed!!!

Monday we had 3 one unit plays and it was looking like a final good day of a good MLB weekend. However, Miami could not hold onto a 6-0 lead which changed up from a nice gain for the day to a small loss:(

We won with Pitt +174 4-2 and lost with Detroit +156 3-5 and Miami +156 6-8. We also had a setup on Cleveland U 8.5 even and it won 5-3.

Pitt +174 was the only Big move game of the day and the closing line ended up Pitt +166. So a small move our way on the game.

So far today I have sent out a 1 unit play and also 3 big move games.

This is the week leading up to the all-star break in MLB. I will have a complete analysis of MLB for the 1st half of the season once we get to the all-star break. It will include not only the stats but my thoughts on where we are successfully handicapping MLB.

In addition, I welcome all questions, comments, criticisms, areas of improvement, etc prior to the all star break so I can include them in my report. I want it to be a thorough one.

I received quite a bit of email regarding the NFL. What I recommend is to go back through my yearly records in the NFL and College football for that matter to get an idea of how I have done over the years. The records are there for all to see in perhaps more detail than you are used to from a handicapping perspective. But not only are they records but a glimpse of my thought process and how it has changed over the years.

You can also take a look at how I have done in the Hilton contest each year and Thesportsmonitor.com for my last years picks there. It’s an expensive service but I wanted to get at least one year with them to document my handicapping the NFL prowess:) In addition, they do not have the severe restrictions the Hilton has in having to pick 5 games a weekend. It’s more in line with what you might typically look at from week to week.

As you can tell I am ready for football. Guess I will have to be patient!

Good Luck Today

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