College Football only 3 days away! Join us for a fun season now!

Tuesday we had one overnight play and it lost.

Pitt +101 lost 5-8.

We have slowed down now for a few days but today back to quite a few plays. I have sent out 6 plays so far.

NCAA football starts in just a few days. If you’re on the fence now is the time to jump on board. The cost is only 49.00 a month or there is a 2-week option also. Just check the PayPal menu on top of the page and pick the subscription of your choice.

Every subscription starts out with a 3-day free trial. So you have 3 days to evaluate and get a feel on how everything goes.

This season I will be sending out a breakdown of every NFL game. This has been a big hit in MLB and I suspect will be even more popular in the NFL. This is for all subscribers.

On the political odds front we have the following:

ODDS                                             My prediction

Moore over Strange

7 to 3                                                     4 to 1

Dems  to win white house in 2020

5 to 4                                                  Repub 2 to 1

Flake to win primary

6 to 4                                                5 to 1 against

Ryan to win primary

7.5 to 1                                               3 to 1

Kasich to run in 2020

even money                                        5 to 2 in  favor

Control of house 2018

republicans 11 to 10                           3 to 1

Several changes since I posted this:

Moore down to 3.5 to 1

Flake is now a dog 55 to 45. It’s just going to get worse for him.

Nothing new has come up but will keep you posted as I see what I consider positive EV political wagers.

One thing you might want to keep in mind is a wager on Sessions and Rosenstein keeping their jobs.

My guess is if the Russia special counsel gets finished and the Congress special committees conclude Trump will (if he is still around) fire one or the both of them shortly after.

This wager may never come to pass but I view it almost as a certainty. In a similar vein would be whether Sessions will be AG if Trump wins a 2nd term. Any + odds you can get on that would be a gift.

I will have more on that if these situations look like they might develop. But both look like excellent changes at very big ev wagers.

Remember on these political wagers it is not like sports. There are a number of computer models that come very close to what the line should be. Here we have virtually nothing to go on except polling data if appropriate. But as we have seen, that can be very unreliable. So it’s down to pure using your thought processes to figure it out.

If anything a fun endeavor trying to predict what the odds should be.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping PIcks

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