College football begins tomorrow, Finally!!!

College football begins tomorrow, Finally!!!

7:00 Update

Well, it looks like the promotion is over and it could not have come closer down to the wire. An amazing day with 1 unit plays put us ahead but then consistent with the season the 1/2 unit plays went completely into the tank going 1-6  the last days of august. When the smoke cleared the final tally was +.113 units .

What is really satisfying however aside from the close finish is an email I just received from a subscriber:

“Hi Rick,

Based on your Tweets, it sounds like you’re just going to automatically transfer back money in Paypal based on whether your MLB plays to come out ahead for the whole reason.  If that’s the case, you can disregard my account for that list.

I’ve always appreciated your work in handicapping all the sports and would NOT expect any refund for baseball (now if you were down -10 units that is a different story!).  Again, thanks for all your time and effort in providing these plays—all sports included.  Seeing your success has also given me the motivation to create my own database for NFL and NBA results, from which I’ve seen some mildly favorable and mixed results.

Good luck this football season,”

My response:

First, let me say that just to get this email is very satisfying to me. Most customers of sports services typically are looking for the nearest baseball bat to take with them searching for the handicapper:) I know I have been there years and years ago. These types of emails alone make what I do even more enjoyable than the wins and losses.

Saying that if anyone wants the reconciliation I have gone over and over for accuracy just send me an email and I will send it to you.

In any event for those of you that have weathered MLB from 4/1 to 8/31 with me you have gone through some of the most frustrating 5 months, you can get betting daily. Our swings have been small, our 1 unit plays were great along with the totals. But you have had a learning experience that most sports bettors never get as they do not make it past the first month in MLB. Very few do.

Now let’s see is we can take advantage of a good football season along with the remaining time in MLB.

If anyone has any questions please let me know.


Now we start the busiest time of the year with a number of sports I follow all in full swing. MLB, of course, is still in regular season. College football begins in earnest tomorrow with a full slate of games through the weekend. NFL week 4 in preseason has a full schedule tomorrow. So I will be busy all weekend looking at the numbers and variables to come up with what I feel are positive EV plays.

If you’re planning on joining us for the football season now is a perfect time to jump on board. For a small monthly subscription you get the following:

  1. All plays in all sports I cover during your subscription.
  2. MLB Big Move Games sent out long before most of you wake up:)
  3. My Hilton Picks sent out around noon every Saturday
  4. All plays sent out via my private twitter feed along with a backup SMS service to your cell phone
  5. Access to me via email for any opinion you want on any games you’re looking at . I handicap almost every game and have up to date numbers and variables I look at.
  6. joining a group for a fun and exciting football season

This for me is the best time of the year for handicapping sports. Football has always been my favorite sport to handicap. Take a look at the subscriptions available under the PayPal menu. All have a 3-day free trial.

I can say without hesitation that RickJ’s Handicapping Picks is one of the best values for services around today. Most charge much more and require a lump sum for each sport for the season. Again the cost is many times our small subscription, also, I match my results against any for consistency positive EV and finally drawdowns.

Hope to see you join us for a fun football season.

Tuesday we had 2 MLB plays. Both were 1/2 unit plays. Seattle +144 lost 7-6. Seattle went behind 4-0 but then going into the 9th was ahead 6-5! But they could not hold on and lost in a tough one. Colorado Over was a no play as the game got called.

We also had 5 big move games:

Balt +141

Yankees +120 (should have been -120)

Tampa +156

Cinci +138

Seattle +144


With the closing line:

Balt +129

Yankees -136

Tampa +152

Cinci +130

Seattle +143

All 5 moved our way

These big move games have been a nice surprise this season. I noticed last year that I had one model that was very predictive of line moves and kept watch on it this season. The result is the Big Line Moves.

Also, we are finishing our promotion for MLB and amazingly after almost 400 plays we are at +1.113 Units. I have updated my MLB reconciliation spreadsheet and it is current through last night’s games. If you wish to look it over just send me an email and I will get it to you. I had one subscriber take me up on that and as it turned out 4 adjustments with the net result going a small amount my way. It was less than a 1/2 unit.

When I saw it was going to be close I went over everything many times to become convinced the numbers were correct. But I welcome anyone to take a look.

In addition, there are 2 1/2 unit plays today so far. Any other plays that develop I will be putting out. So far, however, I do not see anything but it is early.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks




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