College football starts in 1 week! Care to join us for an exciting football season:)

On Friday we had 3 plays and went 0-3.

We had a 1 unit play on Oakland +183 1-3. We had 2 overnights with Yankees +124 losing 6-9 and Angels +127 losing 7-9.

Today so far I have sent out 3 plays.

It did not take long. I bragged about the lack of volatility and we have a 16 unit upswing and now almost a 10 unit downswing. This is more like what MLB is supposed to be like.

We still have about a month left so plenty of time to finish with a good season. We will see.

Football is almost here with college starting a week from now. Yes only 1 week away. Football will be like a vacation compared to the daily grind of MLB.

I even started jumping the gun and handicapping the football games over  1 week away:)

Back to baseball, let’s see if we can get another nice run to the upside to finish the season. Stranger things have happened!

Good Luck Today


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NFL and College football is hot this season!

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