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A comment:

I’m getting nowhere near the lines you posted for the last several days. Usually they are off by at least 1-2 points.

Should I avoid these picks altogether?

I hate to only go a la carte on your picks, because I know that given your entire sample size over the course of the entire season there’s a much better chance of winning than trying to be selective. “

My Response:

The only way your going to be able to get close to these line when they are posted is to get them via text messaging through twitter. And then you have to have an account that you can immediately access to bet them. It was the same last year….the lines move within minutes of my posting my picks.

If you dont get within 1 of the number I would wait…oftentimes the line comes back. If you miss plays… probably need to work on getting these plays faster…and speed up your access time to your book.

The betting volume is so light in hoops that it doesn’t take much to move the line. I have had several people email and suggest that I charge for these plays and that would make it easier for those accessing the picks.

I am not inclined to do that. This is a hobby for me..I enjoy it…keeps my mind active…and don’t wish it to turn into a full time job.

I hope that helps…but there is no easy answer to this.


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  • Anonymous

    I would also hope that as the season goes on, and other sports wind down, the focus will be on college bb and more betting on it making the lines less volatile.. Of course it might mean tougher lines, but what good is a line you can't get anyway?

  • Anonymous

    I think I speak for most of us when I say we are grateful that you share the plays with us for free. Players like myself just don't bet enough to pay for plays and come out ahead even with a winning percentage.

  • Anonymous

    If Rick continues to be so successful in college hoops, there will be more and more people following his plays, and eventually it will be very hard for all but the people who can bet immediately after he posts to get down at winning numbers. But that's just the way it goes, and I just appreciate that Rick puts these plays out there, and I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can…

  • Clark

    Perfect case on the Memphis game. My book had -6.5 and Rick was able to get -5.5. I was a loser, and Rick won.

    Even a 1/2 point here or there makes a difference!

    Rick, are you using an offshore for your NCAAB?

  • Anonymous

    Definitely a point will matter at times, and you won't get the same results as Rick. But that doesn't mean you can't still win.

    BTW, Memphis win by 4, so Rick lost too…

  • Anonymous

    Memphis won by 6??? Wow, I laid 5.5.
    My place scored it up as a loser but I am going to call them back and tell them it actually won.
    Thanks Clark!

  • Anonymous

    HA HA my bad. when i looked this morning at the scores i could have sworn i saw a 6 pt win

    oh well!

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