Are you curious what kind of write up RickJ sends out on every NFL game. See what was sent out last night on the Rams.

4:00 Update

1 top 25 game tonight:

#23 Utah


Betting is 72% on the road favorite with the line moving from -4 to -4-110. Models indicate the line is about right. Variables slightly favor Arizona and Public % favors Arizona slightly. This is a game where I could not take a favorite with 72% of the betting on them. It would have worked out fine last night but over the long haul you will be heading to the bank to borrow some money:) I see no edge on the game tonight. And again if you have the urge to wager on Utah you might want to reconsider and Pass and I will be doing.



On Thursday we had one 1/2 unit play and it lost with Detroit +125 1-13.

Today so far I have sent out 1 play.

I got my wish last night and San Fran Covered.

Here is my write-up to subscribers on the game:

69% Rams  -3   -3+104

31% San Fran

Models slightly favor the Rams, Variables slightly favor San Fran and public betting slightly favors San Fran.

There is no reverse line move, and the home dog % is over 30%. In addition, my best model points to the Rams. But, the Rams have 69% of the betting on them. So what is one to do with this mish-mash of information to digest?

An easy pass for me. I do not think I could do much better than flipping a coin on this one.

There are much better games coming up on Sunday.

If you decide to wager on this game tonight good luck to you:)

Let me also mention the Westgate contest had the line at -2.5. So I suspect everyone and their brother will be on the Rams in the contest tonight. I will be wanting San Fran to cover.

My guess is it will be one of the top 5 picks in the contest. Although, both sides so far on Thursday night are not getting much play.

That is what I send out to subscribers on every NFL game played.

It will be interesting to see if the Rams made the top 5 this week in the contest. Certainly, since the line was -2.5 and it being a big public play I suspect a few got some speeding tickets heading down to the Westgate to get their picks in:)

2 College football games tonight. I will have more on that later.

Good Luck Tonight


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