A day closer to the NFL PreSeason with one more day finished in MLB!!!

A day closer to the NFL PreSeason with one more day finished in MLB!!!

Friday we had 3 plays in MLB. Two 1 unit plays along with a 1/2 unit total play. These total plays are a completely different subset of plays and I am very optimistic about them. Next season most likely they will be 1 unit plays.

Baltimore -109 was a winner 5-1 and Milwaukee +152 lost 2-5.  Our total was with Baltimore U9.5 -116 winning easily 5-1. So a 1/2 Unit gain for the day.

We also had 3 big move games:

Baltimore +105

San Diego +207

Toronto +150(should be Seattle)

The closing line on these game:

Baltimore -108

San Diego +231

Seattle +136

Two went our way and one against.

Today no plays sent out yet while 2 big move games have been sent to subscribers.

I keep getting emails about how to use the big move games. The best way to use these is as filters for your own handicapping methods. All things being equal the big move games tend to be very predictive of the line moving so that the original line posted provides the best value. Oftentimes the move will be so large to offer middle opportunities.

I also have received some emails about the NFL and College Football special that I just posted. If you’re looking to subscribe for the football season it’s an exceptional value. You get all sports from now until 9/1 thrown in along with the week or two after 12/31 for the remaining football games.

Now I know I have shifted a bit from the handicapper that gave all plays out for free. And I know it has disappointed some. But the cost and time of what I do has become a full-time endeavor. The yearly cost alone would be something that I would be embarrassed to divulge. But for what I do everything that I use is essential in my handicapping methods. They have become more and more advanced as the years go by.

So I had no choice. In addition, I have been offered a substantial amount of money to do handicapping in house for several large handicapping syndicates. This runs counter to all that I wish to accomplish withmy skills. So I have chosen this route instead. The cost is minimal compared to the other handicapping services out there. Not only that I will match my long-term handicapping record against any of them for 1/5 to 1/10 of the cost.

Enough promoting but let me get to something a bit more serious.  This is something you need to sink into your psyche before you subscribe. There is no easy money here!!!  Betting on sports is far from easy money. It’s a grind and requires very disciplined bet sizing. Otherwise, you will not have a chance.

But I assure you with this service you will get 100% transparency along with my continued 100% effort at finding value wherever it might be.

Also, I am working on a different chat client as slack has too many rules to get setup and going.  I will have that worked out soon

I almost forgot…..I have had the first urge to join the Hilton NFL Contest again this season. End of July and that’s about time the Bug starts to hit.  The way this works is the entry to the HILTON NFL CONTEST is $1500.00. I sell 2/3 of the entry for $1,000.00 and that gives the person buying the entry 2/3rd of any money won. In other words, you get dollar for dollar. No Vig taken out. If anyone has an interest please send me an email. It’s 50/50 whether I enter but the odds are getting higher each day. It’s not first come first serve. I am going to take participants based upon the $amount and ease of finalizing the transaction.

Good Luck Today


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  • Johnny

    The link to Contact Me seems to be broken. I would like to email you, but am not sure how. Could you shoot me an email through leaving or post your email somewhere. Thanks.

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