Did Yellen save the day???

3:15 Update

I was asked about the indiana Iowa game tonight so thought I would share my comments on the game:

“Hey Rick, probably too early to tell right now but I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on the iowa @ Indiana men’s bball game later”

My Response

“that’s an usual game…line opened at -1 now -3 and will most likely go to -3.5 with only 40% of the betting on Indiana. A good game to stay away from
too late to bet indiana
and would not want to go with iowa and 61% of the bettors
that’s my take on the game”

As a subscriber you have the ability to get opinions regarding games. Even if the game is not a play or setup.

1:10 Update

Wednesday we went 3-0 on our plays. We had 3.5, 4.5 and 9 pt dogs and all three not only covered but won the game outright! Now that is what I enjoy seeing:) Two of the plays were in college hoops with Tulane and Tulsa and the other was in the NBA with Charlotte.

We had two setups and they both lost.

We are back to flirting with 60% in college hoops at 92-63 or 59.35%. Lets see if we can break the 60% level and stay there for the rest of the college hoop season:)

If you have been looking over the site and you can see slowly I have making improvements. The right side now has a much easier to read history for past results. In addition I have included some links for services I recommend. I am in the process of redoing my investment links as the ones before were quite outdated.

Let me know if there are any other features you would like to see here.

Remember the stock trading portion of this site is now free. So if you have an interest in following along with my trades and comments throughout the trading day you can sign on to my private twitter feed at rickjswings. I am usually available during the trading hour for questions.

As to the handicapping portion if you have an interest we are only a few weeks before tournament time. A good time now to join us for the final portion of the college hoop season. Its only a small monthly subscription and includes all sports covered during the subscription period. Just hit the paypal portion on the upper right and join a great group of handicappers! Hope to see you.

For subscribers plays will be posted 5 to 16 min before game times.

Good Luck Tonight


If you just woke up and wanted to find out if Yellen testifying in front of Congress Wednesday calmed the markets take a look at the Globex 1.5 hours before the open. Down almost 2%!!!

I wonder what Yellen thinks her job description is. What was even more alarming then her having no desire to calm the financial markets was her lack of knowledge in answering questions. When asked about negative interest rates she said that she was not sure whether she could do that legally! If the head of the federal reserve does not know what she can and cannot do look out below.

Not much more to say then if your heavily invested right now my condolences. In the past you could count on the Fed to calm things down. To allay investors fears. Since after all how goes the U.S. financial markets goes the worlds financial markets. And that is why the Fed is being begged by other countries not to raise rates.

But we have one more day of Yellen today and I am quite confident with the market off 2% that the questions will be even more heated this morning. The trade today might be to get long on the open or get long on the break of the overnight lows and hold until end of day. If you get any hitch by Yellen, any softening of the rhetoric, any glimpse that she will do what ever it takes to maintain liquidity in the markets and prevent deflation then we could get a monster rally. If on the other hand she maintains her hawkish views that might just already be built into the markets today and we might get a rally anyway.

Its a high risk play but one that seems pretty logical to me. If the premiums are not too far out of line you could even try calls or shorting puts on spy. I am going to give it some thought and figure out my game plan before the market opens.

I am flat now exiting two mean reversion trades yesterday after seeing the weakness that was obvious in the markets. Unfortunately one of my trades had a bad earnings release and I took a 15% hit on the trade:( But had a 3% gain on the other one. I was asked if I typically traded on earnings release days. Breakout trades I do not. But mean reversion trades typically surprises are on the up side since the stock is beaten down by virtue of making the trade. This one just did not work out.

These are very tricky times now. Its important to maintain focus and not get out of line!

My private investing tweets are now gratis. So if you have any desire to follow along just follow @rickjswings and I will add you to the private feed.

And by the way 3-0 yesterday on handicapping plays. We had 3 dogs and all three won the game. One was a 9 pt dog:)
More on that later today

Good Luck Trading today

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