Did you have Toronto Under 198.5 on Saturday???

Did you have Toronto Under 198.5 on Saturday???

Saturday we had four plays. A 1 unit play and 3 1/2 unit plays.

Our 1 unit play was with Minn +146 and they won 5-3. Always a good way to start the day:) They were behind 2-0 most of the game but a miracle happened the bottom of the 8th and they put up 5 runs and won the game 5-3 while only getting 4 hits! It’s interesting as Minn is decimated with injuries and have several triple A players filling in. One of them Eduardo Nunez filling in for Escobar hit a homer to help win the game:) You never know.

Also, I talked yesterday about deleting the names of the teams and pitchers after your spreadsheets are up and filled in with whatever you consider in your handicapping to avoid any bias you might have against a team. Minn was one of those games to do that with. Hard to bet on them without thinking you’re probably throwing your money out the window! Also, I put the game out at +146 but the bettors had a real appetite for Toronto yesterday as they bet the game up to -175 +160.

Overlays like this come along quite often but you have to know which to take and which to lay off of. And even then it’s no cakewalk:)

We also had 3 1/2 unit plays going 1-2. The two in MLB were Cleveland +130 losing 1-9 and Arizona +121 losing 2-6. Our third was an NBA Total Toronto Under 198.5 with what turned out to be an easy win at 99-84. When I say easy it was not looking that easy at the half as the score was 60-47! But 43 total points in the 3rd and 33 in the 4th disappointed 68% of the bettors that took the over and bet the game all the way up to 199.5!

So when the smoke cleared a +.97 unit day.

Today I have sent out a one unit play this morning. Last night there was nothing I could comfortably send out as I need 1. the methods I look are not likely to change and 2. the likely hood of the line not getting better for us. That’s a lot of predicting but so far I have been right on my timing more often than not.

I am still considering the chat room for this site. It’s just a question whether I want to take on the task of keeping negativity out of the room. Nothing can put a chill on any activity than negative people. I have made it a mission the last several years to reduce my exposure to people that are pathologically negative. Thus my removal of myself from the Omaha 8 game at the Bellagio. In any event still thinking it over. Although I have come across a number of excellent chat options out there that did not exist when I had a very simple chat window before. We will see:)

For those reading this that would like access to my plays, there are two ways to get them. 1. Is a 3 day free trial by following @rick_sports my private feed. 2. Is by simply subscribing with the PayPal button on the upper right of this page.

Good Luck Today

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