Don’t Look Now……+7.045 Units first 9 days of Baseball!!!

Saturday we had another busy day with six 1/2 unit plays. In the NBA, we went 1-1 winning with Phoenix -3 and losing to Portland -8.5. In baseball, our Total was a winner on Cincinnati Under 7 and on our sides we went 2-1 winning with San Diego +116 and Cincinnati +117 . We lost with Minnesota +116. Overall a +1.06 unit day. 

There were no 1 unit plays yesterday and they will slow up a bit. The first season series of the year provides some unique opportunities that warrant a 1 unit play. There will be more of course as the season goes on but nothing like the first matchups. The 1/2 unit plays should fine and the ones that weather this season in good shape will be 1 unit plays next season. As I indicated I have revamped baseball similar to the NHL. And so far, knock on wood, we are seeing some results.

In addition, I have tightened up the 1/2 unit plays in all sports again so we should see results in the other sports for those plays. For those of you that have been watching my plays over the last 13 years or so you know that I constantly adapt to the ever-changing world of handicapping sports. A good example is wagering on some public favorites in the NBA. However, this is a very rare subset of games.  This subset historically has performed as well as dogs with 20% of the betting that has a 1/2 point reverse line move in College football!

Also for subscribers please ignore the title of my posts:) This is my promotional side working not my professional side. Unfortunately, word of mouth will only get you so far. So I am doing what I can to promote the site. Everyone can help however by sharing and liking on facebook. It will go a long way in getting the word out. After all, as I have said as a subscriber I view you as part of a team that helps defer costs so we can produce good handicapping results.

Finally for those of you that weathered March my hats off to you. It’s just a taste of what you can expect gambling every day. And let me tell you I am serious when I say just a taste. Never forget in sports betting before you can make money you have to first overcome the Vig. And in spread betting that is 5% unless you have a -105 out or are lucky enough to have a matchbook account. I have said in the past that one of the ways to diminish the Vig for poker players is to bet no juice with other players. Although the problem with that is your going to make some enemies. Some poker players can be very sore losers so it might not be worth it in the long haul if you’re a professional poker player.

I will spare everyone my variance lecture this morning. However, I am sure those of you that weathered March understand it very well. For those of you that did not and are still around you are well on your way to becoming a winning gambler.

Aside from taking my plays, you should make an attempt at understanding them. In addition, it’s always good to do research on your own as I know from communicating with many of you that you do. I know some of my plays do not seem to coincide with some of the things I discuss. There are no set rules but only let’s say in legal terms “more probably true than not”.  Many exceptions to what’s more than likely true!

Ok, enough rambling for a Sunday morning. Back to work

Good Luck Today


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