Double Bottom Anyone??? It Looks like its Mario to the rescue!

3:00 Update

Monday we had no plays and for that matter Sunday also. But today there are a few games that have possibilities unlike the last few days.

For those of you that have been following me over the years one thing you can count on is I put out a play its not something I had to search for and stretch to find. One of the reasons I have been successful over the years is that unlike many services I feel no compelling need to produce plays out of thin air. Now certainly when I gave my plays out for free I could easily say that. But if anyone thinks because this is a subscription service that the amount of the plays are going to flow day in and day out they are going to be sadly disappointed.

I would rather have no subscribers then to start stretching on plays. Its just the way I do things. This service is for handicappers and sports bettors that are interesting in profits and winning ev plays rather then betting just for the sake of betting. I am long past the need to gamble:)  My satisfaction comes from at the end of the season seeing a record close to 60% winners. Something very few handicappers can accomplish. So rest assured the plays I put out are only going to be ones that I am confident in. Not that they will win all the time but my handicapping will show an edge and it will be clear cut.

I know after having dealt with all the promises and hype the other services give out its hard to get used to someone that is not as over reaching. But I am very principled as you can see from the transparency I provide. My records are right here on my site the good and the bad! I am as obsessive about keeping my results for all to see as I am about searching for good games to bet on.

Believe me when I tell you it would not bother me a bit to go a week and find nothing to bet on. However finding 165 college hoop plays this season and hitting just shy of 60% to date I do not think that is going to be a problem:)

For those of you that are new to the site or have been away I have made several changes. First I have set up 4 different subscriptions. Daily, weekly, monthly and by the year. And of course the yearly saves you quite a bit over the Monthly.

I am still in the process of making changes. I want to incorporate a better comments section and I am working on that now. In addition I am still searching for the right chat room to make it easier to communicate during busy days like Saturday. Then of course there is the SEO work that needs to be done. But the new server and software is making it much easier to make the changes I have been wanting to make.

In addition making this a subscription site has allowed me to make the changes to my handicapping software and databases I have been wanting to make for a long time. And as you can see these changes have had positive results to say the least.

Tournament time is almost here in college hoops so take advantage of one of the best services around and join us. Hope to see on you board!

Now its back to work. 45 minutes until tip off:)






Today is the first day of the year that we will get a chance to evaluate a follow through day in the markets. Before today its been pretty much one and done (and few of these)! So will be an interesting day to say the least. If we roll over today and close down its going to be a miserable month for longs. If your short then back up the trucks as you will have more cash then you can handle.

Now the question is what is going on? The big news is Helicopter Draghi has pretty much taken over for Bernanke. He came out and said do not worry he will flood the markets with liquidity to keep Europe out of a deflationary spiral. Even with Bernanke gone he still has a footprint on world monetary policy.

Now whether his tough talk can do the trick remains to be seen. There are a lot of forces right now that would indicate the bear has begun. And not the least being our beloved Yellen. While Draghi is talking about opening up the floodgates Yellen is talking about tightening? Now you might say to your self how can that be. You might ask is there any logic behind this divergence in policy between the world and the U.S.?

In my mind the simple answer is no. There is no logic . To me its far from logical   except for some far out conspiracy theories that by the day are not getting to be that far out. But the simple answer is that incompetence of almost every branch of our government has now spread to the fed the absolute one place the U.S. and the world cannot afford to have it be.

Maybe I have just become a doomsayer as I rapidly approach 70:(  But my feeling is very similar to Max Von Sydow in “Snow falling on Cedars” when he gives his closing argument near the end of the movie. If you have not seen it the movie is fantastic and the closing argument scene is heart wrenching but so true. And to make it easy for you its  on one of my favorite scenes in the tab on top!

Did I digress a bit:)

The important thing today is do we roll over or do we break out. There really is no way to answer that so you just have to evaluate during the day. As far as trading today we are pretty much in no man’s land for positive ev trades. We have a 1 % gap up which even in great market conditions is not conducive for long trades and to go short right now would be a very risky maneuver considering how over sold the market has been.

My self I am flat. Two indicators I watch are 1. the nasdaq out performing the SP500 on a weekly basis and the 10 day MA on the daily chart which would be around 188 on SPY. We are above that premarket so will be important to see how we close today.

I might consider a day trade today if the setup is right. Otherwise its wait and see. No sense gambling:)


Good Luck Trading today

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