Elite 8 coming up!!! College Hoop excitement at a high level now.

2:45 Update

The first game of the Elite 8 is coming up in 15 min with:

#2 Oklahoma

#1 Oregon

Betting is almost even at 52% on the favorite with the line moving from even to -1-108. This game is a rare game where everything is neutral. Variables, models and public betting. It is about as close to a tossup as one can imagine. At least, the way I view the game. Usually, I can find some bias that points even in the slightest to one side or another. But in this game none at all. Best to watch!  A pass for me


Before I go into a recap of Friday I read something this morning that rings very true:

“Blowing up accounts isn’t the reason traders quit – accounts can be rebuilt. Traders quit due to fatal mindset damage. Protect your mindset.”

Thank @breakingoutbad for this.

This is about as true a statement as you can encounter in gambling. In the poker world, you see damaged mindsets that take years to recover or in some instances never do. The reason I believe is the lack of understanding of the mathematics and probability theory of gambling. When the inevitable happens, that monumental downswing, some cannot accept it. They fight it. Their egos have been destroyed. And to make it worse poker players have a tendency to enjoy the downfall of other players to a degree they might actually openly mock the player that is in the midst of chaos.

Of course, the absurdity is that these mocking players will be next up for this chaos in their world. But that does not stop human nature from coming forefront in controlling humans actions.

If your an unsophisticated gambler that lets your ego control your gambling you have 0 chance.

Ok back to baskets. On Friday, we went 1-0 on our 1 unit plays and 1-2 on our 1/2 unit plays. All plays were in the NBA. But of course, we started out 0-2 which seems to be a pattern now. And then our 1 unit play on Memphis +13 was looking good the entire game until they faltered in the 4 quarter and went behind by 17. But good handicapping prevailed and they covered only losing by 6.  And then we won our final 1/2 unit play on Sacremento -7 in a blowout.

For subscribers plays will be sent out, as usual, today.  In addition, we have baseball right around the corner. If your thinking about joining us be sure and take advantage of the $130.00 guarantee. It’s all spelled out on this page. And it requires you to be a subscriber on Opening Day April 3rd. Then If I have a losing season through August 31st in baseball I will refund $130.00 to everyone that has been a continuous subscriber during that time.

The only reason I am offering this is to encourage subscribers to take a look at baseball this season as I have made very similar changes to baseball that I have made to the NHL. The results in the NHL have worked out very well.  The difference, however, should be that baseball will generate substantially more plays than the NHL. We will see.

Good Luck Today


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