I escaped the Bear Trap on Monday night football!!!

I escaped the Bear Trap on Monday night football!!!

Thursday was a good day for several reasons in sports betting. First, of course, is winning my 1 unit play in the NHL with the Kings +135  4-3 in OT.  And the 2nd was deciding not to put the bears in the Hilton NFL Super Contest as a play.

I wrote a discussion of the game yesterday and it is nice when things work out. So instead of going into Sunday with a loss with 4 more picks to go, I am starting the slate clean. With a 19-11 record and getting very close to breaking the top 50 out of 1900 participants.

Now all I need is a 4-1 or 5-0 weekend:) Piece of cake!

For subscribers we have pending 3 one unit plays that cover both the NFL and College Football. Typically I do not send out plays early except for what I feel are the strongest that have a very small chance of changing. And the games where it looks likely I will be missing a key number if I wait.

Otherwise, there is always the risk that the numbers can change significantly changing the game to a no play. That risk is greater in college football as opposed to the NFL.

I receive the following email last night from a subscriber:

” Rick,

What are your plans this year for college basketball? Will you be putting out totals again this season as you did last season?”

My Response:

” College basketball did not require much tinkering with as we had a great season last season. Anytime you can pick up +20 units in one sport for a season it’s a good one. Now we did have that draw down during the last month that took us from about +40 units to +20 units. I am looking to see if there was anything peculiar to the last month that needs to be considered. But other than that all will be pretty much the same.”

And one more email:

” Rick,

What do you think of the politics in the U.S. and do you lean toward any side for the presidential race and why? I always respect your ability to reason through all the hype you hear every day”

My Response:

” I do not get into politics on this site. Not even in the slightest. We get bombarded daily with politics and I do not want this site to turn into just another political bashing site.

I have mentioned many times before that I have no leanings toward either party but am an independent who is issue driven.

Although I enjoy getting together with my family to discuss the various issues of the day, this site is not the place to talk politics. Sports betting and stock trading …that’s it!!!

But thanks for asking:)”

Good Luck Today


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