Exactly 100 College Hoop games to Handicap today!!!

This is how I like it. A busy day in college hoops with 100 games on tap today to be handicapped. In addition 2 NFL playoff games , 10 NHL games and 8 NBA games. I have been awake now for several hours getting organized as Saturdays require total organization to systematically go through the games and pick what my methods consider positive EV plays.

Whats great about having a subscription base for this web site now is not only does it help defer the costs associated with my handicapping but also allows me to have more in depth discussions with subscribers. Not only is rick_sports a service for handicapping plays in all sports but its an educational service. Any way I can help handicappers become better and more insightful into what the considerations are for deciding on a side in a game the more successful I feel I have been.

Here is a response I gave to a question on Variance just a day ago:

“I have had swings over the years over 30 units to the downside (although not recently) Its just part of betting. You need to understand variance completely and know what your downside risk is before placing the first wager.

Years ago I used to go out after poker and play blackjack for an hour or two before I went home. I was playing 25 dollar units as my 1 unit bet size. I counted cards so I had a small edge. After doing that for several months I decided to run some numbers as to the drawdown possibility and expected win per hour. Its been awhile but it was something like around 2.00 an hour with a drawdown size that could reasonably hit -15,000! As soon as I did those calculations I stopped playing:)

That is why the only way to play these is as I discuss in my Must Read section. No more then Bankroll x 2.00% and do not give it a worry. Otherwise you are doomed from the start. But believe me when I tell you this I doubt anyone that subscribes is following this advice. Or very few. Most have to learn it the hard way or never do learn it.”

There is no better way to learn then live real time discussions during game day. This is just one of the things you receive as a subscriber. In addition you get plays and setups delivered to by our private twitter feed. You get insights into all NFL games. As most of you know who have been following me handicapping the NFL is one of my specialties. I have been in the top 50 in the Hilton NFL contest a number of times against the top handicappers in the country. In addition this year I had my plays monitored at Thesportsmonitor.com and was in the top 10 of NFL handicappers with an over 60% win rate! This is against the finest NFL handicappers in the world.

The benefits other then the above in joining this service is you sign up for a small monthly fee. Your free to cancel at the end of any 30 day period. Compared to other services that require 1500 lump sum payment per sports this service is a bargain. I will put my picks up against any of these high priced services.

All you need to do to get on board is hit the paypal button on the upper right and pick the subscription of your choice. If you are an investor the extra 16.00 a month had a great deal of value. I can get you on board within minutes after signing up.

Well…back to work…. only an hour before tipoff! Hope to see you on board where you will be a member of an elite group that at the end of the year will most likely be able to say that your in the 1% of the handicappers that made money!

I almost forgot….Friday we had one play and one setup. The NBA play lost on Minn +12.5 and the College hoop setup pushed on Canisius -1.

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