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How can I use the Big Three of handicapping?


Most of my followers do some handicapping on their own. Many are very proficient at this as I know many personally.

The most common use of the big three is as filters. Myself I need all 3 to align before I even begin to think about playing a game. But, I am very conservative in my approach as I am very versed in both the positive and negative effects of variance in gambling.

So, if you yourself are interested in a particular game, you can look at my breakdown. If any of the big 3 is on the other side of the game, filter it out. If none are present on either side, then it depends on your handicapping. But the best is when they coincide with your picks.

The “Big Three” is something I have developed extensively over the years. This information while appearing simple in appearance has years of development behind it.

All three have passed extensive backtesting and real-time testing. I will wager to say you will not find a betting informational breakdown of the games to give you an excellent head start to find value or in many instances save you lost value!!!

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