Finally the All Star Break in MLB!!!!

We had a very busy day in MLB on Sunday with 1 one unit play and 4 1/2 unit plays. In addition, we had 5 big move games!

Our 1 unit play in MLB was an easy winner with Minn +146 winning 15-5. Our 1/2 unit plays went 1-3. The Yankees +121 won 11-7 however Cinc +131 lost 3-7, Angels +167 lost 2-4 and San Diego +212 lost 1-3.

So when the smoke cleared we were +.56.5 units!

[bctt tweet=”On our 1 unit plays: 91 plays +13.50 units 14.8% ROI! ” username=”rickjsportplays”]

We also had 5 big move games:

St Louis +104

Atlanta +152

Pitt +138

Cinci +156

Yankees +111

The closing line of the games:

St Louis +126

Atlanta +150

Pitt +136

Cinci +133

Yankees +126

A mixed bag to say the least.

So now we get a few days off of the grind of betting MLB every day.

I hope all of you that are following these plays take some time to relax and enjoy the time where there are no baseball games to handicap. The baseball season can be a grueling one that takes its toll on my sports bettors. Most sports bettors that started the season have long given up by now. We are off a little less than 3 units. Still in a position to have a good season with any type of successful 2nd half. I am optimistic:)

I might have some comments on the All-Star game and of course, will be looking at WNBA if anything happens to develop.


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