Find out how to have an enjoyable time wagering on the NFL and College football this season!

Sunday turned out to be a busy day with 5 plays going 2-3. We also had a play on Seattle but there was a pitching change that canceled the play.

We ended up on the plus side for the day as one of the winners was a 1 unit play.

We won with San Fran -119.5 6-3 as our 1 unit play. Out half unit plays were Oakland +123 winning 11-10, Mets +155 losing 0-8, Houston under 9 +102 losing 7-6 and Cleveland -1.5 +182 losing 1-8.

So far today I have sent out 2 plays.

By way of some housekeeping, my google email groups were in shambles yesterday as I tried something new with them. So I had to go back and manually reconfigure everything.

If you are a subscriber that noticed a change or a problem in getting the plays and the breakdown of games, please send me an email so I can get that corrected. We have the NFL right around the corner so I want to get everything fine tuned before the football season begins.

I know some of you are not getting the daily breakdown of every MLB via email. But I suggest you get on the list for the football season. You will find the breakdown on every NFL game very informative in your evaluating the games.

Just send me an email and indicate you would like to be on the game breakdown list. I will add you right away so you can get used to the format and the information I send out.

We are just a few weeks away from the beginning of the football season. For those of you on the fence, I suggest taking a look at my historical results for Football. And also consider that the cost of joining our group is minimal compared to most of the popular handicapping services.

If you sign up now, you have the lump sum option of $176.00 which will take you through 12/31st for all sports I handicap.  Or you can wait and sign up for 49.00 a month and have the option at the end of each month to discontinue the service rather than a high lump sum amount in the 1000s that locks you in the entire season.

Look forward to having you join us this football season!

Good Luck Today


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