The first day over the 200 day MA for Stocks

1:15 Update:

Sunday we had no plays. Our setups went 2-2 on college hoop totals and 2-0 on NBA totals. As I said I am going to be putting out more setups. These are setups I typically follow during my handicapping however do not share as they are down on the food chain as setups go. But they all backtest out very well.

As I said before the NBA totals are showing some promise to become plays next season. We will see.

A reminder you can always check the results and past performance by looking at the dropdown menu on the right for the sport you want to see. In addition starting this month I have begun an itemized spreadsheet with all the plays and all the results. This was as a result of a request from a subscriber that I thought was a very good suggestion.

So if you have any suggestions regarding improvement of the site or otherwise I am an email away.

One topic I would be interested in hearing from subscribers about is how to increase the reach of the site to other sports bettors. One way everyone that reads this site can help is to use the social buttons. If everyone that read this site would do that at least once a day that would have a great impact.

Word of mouth has been about 90% of my subscriber base. That is fantastic as it shows the goodwill I have established over the 12+ years. But it still is limiting  as to new sports bettors. So any help would be appreciated.

Finally here is a good discussion regarding the baseball season coming up in a few weeks:


“Was just wondering about baseball. Is there any reason that baseball variance is so high compared to other sports”

My Response:

Money line sports tend to have a higher variance. We have not seen that in the NHL because the number of plays is minimal.
But in baseball, the schedule tends to produce more plays. For a poker analogy its similar to the difference between limit hold em and limit Omaha 8.
As far as the reason….more plays…less EV. So theoretically, you make the profit on volume. Now I did make a number of changes this season similar to the changes I made in the NHL so we will see how that effects variance this year.
Good Luck tonight in Sports
Rickj’s Handicapping Picks

It’s been quite a year so far. We had historic moves in the market in both directions and it is only the middle of March!

The year started out with a 6-week downswing which was record breaking for a start to the new year. And now the rebound in just 3 to 4 weeks has been almost as record breaking.

I can assure you that the last 2.5 months  have left behind a lot of swing traders and position traders. It is been carnage supreme. Of course, if you’re a disciplined investor that adapts to the situation at hand you still have your sanity and your losses have been small.  It’s simple to make money in a bull market but in a market like this it’s next to impossible.

Now you combine that with our government intentionally making money worthless as it relates to earning interest and you see the predicament many are in. What is one to do:)

We know whining about it will do no good and possibly harm as it relates to your ability to figure out strategy. As in Poker, you play the hand that’s dealt with you. Things that are outside your control you accept as reality and then go on your way with problem-solving the situation.

I am short 1/4 position on my mean reversion trade short in SPY. I am also long a very small oil position which I have had on for months. And that is it for now.

My trades right now with the exception of the mean reversion trades will be quick. And my mean reversion exit parameters have been adjusted to market conditions.

We are overbought short term however this will work itself very fast.  I will be looking at both sides of the market today for quick day trades.

Good Luck Today in the Markets


Rickj’s Handicapping Picks

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