Football begins this month!!! Take a look what RickJ has to offer this season!

Friday we had 3 plays and went 1-2.

Cinci +122 won 3-2, Phil +141 lost 3-4 and Oakland +115 lost 6-8. These were overnight plays.

So far today I have sent out 3 plays all overnights.

I have been getting quite a few emails regarding both the Hilton NFL contest and also exactly how this site works for the NFL season.

As to the NFL contest so far I am leaning toward not entering this year. The parking gets worse and worse around the Hilton, and as I am not playing poker much anymore, I have no reason to head down to the strip. So, unless I get a strong desire to enter this year again, I will pass on it.

As far as my coverage of the NFL this season, if you’re new to the site you should read the FAQ section and the Must Read section. That will answer most of your questions.

I send out the plays 3 ways. Twitter, Email, and SMS. You can elect to just have 1 or all 3. I suggest at least 2 of the three as a backup.

I send out the daily breakdown of all MLB and NFL games typically an hour or so before game time.

In addition, I am around for answering questions via email.

We have a $176.00 special going on now that takes you from signup until the end of the year. Otherwise, the subscription is minimal at $49.00 a month.

Rather than charging a large up from fees in the thousand, I have chosen a small monthly subscription that allows you to exit the service at the end of any month of service.

In addition, if you’re unsure how things work you can always get a

3-day free trial by following @rick_sports Click to Tweet

That is my private twitter feed where I send out plays.

Football starts this month. Join us for an exciting season!

Good Luck Today


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