Final Update

Friday NBA Play

1/2 Unit
Phoenix +14

Thursday was a busy day. Our two 1 unit sides in college hoops split 1-1. St Pete lost by 17 as a 13 pt dog but were never in a position to cover. But Marist +16.5 won the game in double OT!

In the NHL we also split on our 1/2 unit plays. Florida +130 won in a shoot out and phoenix -114 never had a chance.

Today a light schedule except the NBA. Looking over the NBA this morning it looks like at least one play tonight.

An email:

“Curious to your last post, what are your typical holding periods when you trade? What do you base your trades on? fundamentals?”

First let me start out by saying that my investing for the most part is driven by the governments extended period of a near 0 interest rate for short term securities. So if your retired and have significant liquid assets you have the choice of doing nothing and taking a significant loss to inflation(investing in short term securities at this time is very close to doing nothing) Or developing a strategy to produce a decent yearly return. I have chosen the later.

My investing approach is to find etfs or funds that produce a decent return with a conservative risk(as opposed to moderate or high risk) for income investing. And supplement this with swing trading and option trading and to a lesser degree a small amount of day trading.

My methodology is similar to my methods handicapping sports. Its detailed, extensive and historically has produced a positive ev.

A caveat…… if you have any tendency to tilt in poker or sports short term investing is not for you. Without going into the reasons please take this as a given!

Expect an update around 3:30 P.M. pst

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Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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  • Daniel

    If I was a gambler, I’d probably bet on the Wizards tonight

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