3:30 Update

Nothing yet although there has been some movement in some of the variables I look at …..Some of the late games could easily turn into plays.

I will update about 30 min before game times if anything develops.

Thursday we lost our 1/2 unit play on Houston +154. Houston lead 3-2 going into the 8th but then Detroit scored 1 and after 14 innings Houston lost 7-3.

Our tracking setup in the nba was an easy win with Golden st U 211 only scoring 180.

Today looking over baseball its very likely there will be no plays today. Nothing even close to a play this morning. If it changes I will update most likely around 3:30.

Friday NBA Tracking setup ( I do not bet these)

Houston U 206

Friday MLB Total Tracking setup ( I do not bet these)

Pittsburgh U 7 -105
Cleveland U 8.5 -116

If your thinking about betting these baseball totals…I would rethink that decision! Although they are backtested they in no way have the reliability of the NBA tracking setups.

I have to admit often times I bet some of these tracking setups…but would not even consider betting the baseball totals at this stage of the testing.

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