2:30 Update
Friday MLB Plays
1/2 Unit
923 – – C Buchholz
924 – MIN – V Worley +128

925 – – J Shields
926 – OAK – J Parker -102

10:30 Update

Friday MLB Play
1/2 Unit
901 – – M Harvey
902 – CHC – E Jackson +128

8:30 Update

For those of you that like to multi task…something to consider:

“there are definite limitations on the number of conceptual units that humans can handle at any one time. As the complexity of the information increases, effective use increases only to a point. Once complexity increases beyond this point, use of the information decreases in both quantity and quality, and behavior becomes confused and dysfunctional (Driver & Streufert, 1969; Jacoby, Speller, & Kohn, 1974; Miller, 1960).”

Thursday there were no plays but we had 4 tracking setups that went 2-2.

The winners were Knicks in the nba and Colorado O in MLB. Losers were San Jose in the NHL and the total in the knicks game.

I thought we had San Jose last night as they were ahead by 1 with about 3 min left in the game. Oh well!

Friday NHL Playoff tracking setup ( I do not bet these)

Ottawa +178

I will update later with any plays. Today actually looks like several plays tonight.

Good Luck Today

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