3:00 Update
Friday MLB play
1/2 unit
Minn +114

We are starting the 2nd half of the season and have added a few more subset of games as plays that not only backtested well but also did well the first half of the season. They will be only 1/2 Unit plays and if they do well the 2nd half…next season they will be one unit plays.

Friday MLB Play
1/2 Unit
963 I Kennedy
964 – SF – C Gaudin -120

There is one more game that is very close to a play..close enough that it may not be clear until shortly before game time at 5:00. I will update if it becomes clear.

Friday MLB Away Sides Tracking setups A ( I do not bet these)

PHil +108
Pitt +108

This particular tracking setup produces a lot of setups with the lowest postive ev of all the setups. With the addition of the new subset of games there is no need to bet these if your searching for action since there should be at least double the amount of plays the 2nd half of the season. This setup if it does not improve the 2nd half of the season may be dropped next year.

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