Thursday we lost our 1/2 Unit play on Milwaukee 2-1. They had their chances both in the bottom of the 8th and 9th but failed to score.

We split on our tracking setups with the away dog A winning and away dog C losing.

Friday MLB Play
1/2 unit
Milwaukee +115

Friday MLB Totals Tracking setup B ( I do not bet these)

Angels U9 -125

Friday MLB Home Fav tracking setup A ( I do not bet these)

Minn -123

Friday MLB Away Dog tracking setup A ( I do not bet these)

Mets +126

Friday Home dog % tracking Setup ( some of these I bet)

Milwaukee +115
Cubs +129

Also I received a few emails regarding my post on wagering 2% and picking a bankroll amount. Most of the emails seemed not to understand the concept.

Let me make it simple. If you cannot take a 30 unit downswing without any anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, disgust, sadness and or it will cause you financial difficulty then you need to work on your money management.

Betting sports is supposed to be a fun past time. Unfortunately it is also a vehicle for self destructive behavior to manifest itself. If its not fun why do it. It certainly isnt to make money since the best you can hope for is perhaps a 2% advantage over the books in the long run . And that is optimistic. So if your a $100 dollar bettor your ev is 2.00 a game! Its going to be very hard to make much money with that type of ev per game. Combine that with your going to have to put up with 20 to 30 unit swings to produce that win rate….betting sports is not for the undisciplined or uneducated.

Now if your a 1,000 to 5,000 a game bettor then that an entirely different thing. But for most of us…..the amount we wager puts the endeavor into a hobby category. And if its only a hobby for entertainment why torture yourself betting an amount that is going to cause you concern.

In any event…this concept is so important…that it would not be overdoing it to post this message every day! But I am going to leave it that if anyone wants any further explanation….feel free to send me an email.

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