No Plays on Thursday but our setups went 5-1. 2-0 in MLB with our home fav and away dog both winning. In preseason we went 3-1.

Friday MLB Play
1/2 Unit
Colorado +144

Tracking setups ( I do not bet these)

Road Dog A

Baltimore +125

Road dog C

Minn +285

Home Dog %

Colorado +144

Totals B

Pitt U 7 -105

Thats most likely it for plays. Another game is right on the fence of being a home % setup….Milwaukee but not quite there yet.

I looked over college football today. Only 3 games…and none look very enticing. No reverse line movements…and the public is pretty much even this morning on all 3 games.

Here is a poker hand I want to share with you.

We are playing 5 handed 15-30 with a 20-40 kill. One player very wild playing every pot and raising every hand both pre flop and on turn.

I pick up aa2k suited in clubs. I get head up with this guy and we cap it pre flop. The flop come 567 clubs. We cap it on the flop with the other person going all in. He turns over A34 with the 34 suited in clubs. Now of course the next card is a 2 and I get scooped!

Of course the story has a happy ending…..about 3 hands later we get in a similar situation with another player in the pot drawing at low….pot is capped preflop and on turn…and I scooped. I had the nut straight..but had to avoid two flush draws to get scooped.

Games are good!

Good Luck Today

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