2:50 Update

For fun play on Pitt +7. The game to me is a toss up…but since I am picking every game..thats my pick. As far as Utah st the line has now moved to utah st -2 with the public number at 39%. I doubt its going to be a 1 unit play. As far as NBA….nothing today.

Nothing on Wednesday and another light day today with only 4 nba games and 2 college bowl games.

Most likely nothing in the NBA.

Bowling Green has 63% of the betting with the line moving from -6-109 to -6.5-115 on Pinnacle, -5.5 to -6.5 on Cris and Bovada has -7.

The public looks to be on Bowling Green ….My models show Bowling Green to be slightly overvalued but variables point to Bowling Green….This game is a toss up for me.

Northern Illinois has 62% of the betting with the line moving from -1.5 to pick on Pinnacle and -2 to +1 on Cris. Bovada has N Ill at pick

My models show N Ill to be overvalued even at a pick….and variables strongly favor utah st.

Thursday College Bowl tracking setup ( I do not bet these)

Utah St pick

If the public number stays under 40 and the line stays about where it is I am going to consider putting utah st out as a 1 unit play. But the game does not start until 6:30 so a lot can happen between then and now.

My for fun picks today ( 2-4) Utah st even. I am going to wait until a bit before game time to decide the side I want on BG pitt game.

I will update if anything changes a bit later.

Good Luck Today

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