3:30 update

Sat ncaa fb play
Ark st +10

5:20 update

One more college game today

Utah st

Betting is 70% on utah with the line moving from -12-106 to -11.5 -106 models slightly favor utah st. Variables strongly favor utah st

Friday ncaa fb play
Utah st +11.5

4:40 Update

A college football game at 5:00

Fla atlantic

The betting is 68% on Miami with the line moving From -17.5-106 to -17-115. Models are neutral variables favor Miami. I am passing on the game

8:20 Update

No plays in MLB on Thursday. The one that was close won 14-0. Oh well.

Today a few games again this even have possiblities but too early to tell. One of my new rules is no more front running. These variable change too much to attempt to get a good line. If I miss out on a bet so be it.

I saw an interesting stat this morning.

“2015 has been the worst season for MLB dogs in our database, losing 101.6 units thus far”

Since I be primarily dogs its surprising I am not doing much worse then I am:)

In any event here are todays early MLB Weightings

901 MIL – J Nelson 2
902 PIT – C Morton
903 CHC – K Hendricks
904 PHI – A Asher 1
905 STL – J Lackey 0
906 CIN – M Lorenzen 0
907 WAS – G Gonzalez
908 MIA – J Cosart 1
909 NYM – S Matz
910 ATL – M Wisler
911 LAD – A Wood
912 ARI – R Ray 3
913 SD – A Cashner
914 SF – J Peavy 1
915 KC – D Duffy
916 BAL – M Wright 3
919 BOS – W Miley
920 TB – C Archer 1
921 DET – J Verlander
922 CLE – Co Anderson 1
923 OAK – J Chavez 1+
924 TEX – C Lewis
925 MIN – E Santana 0
926 CHW – E Johnson 0
927 HOU – D Keuchel 1
928 LAA – J Weaver
929 COL – C Bettis 1
930 SEA – H Iwakuma
931 CHC – J Arrieta 0
932 PHI – A Morgan 0

Its a quiet morning for a change with the market off about 1/3 of a percent. Buts its 45 min before the open. As Al McGuire would say..an eternity:)

I am short one etf on a swing trade and that is it. I am keeping my trading very light until this volatility settles down. The market is overbought slightly on a 1 to 3 day timeframe. I am still thinking testing the lows is in the cards this month unless we get a turnaround in Fed Policy. However there are many other variables to consider but that seems to be nearest event to consider.

I am not looking to put on any new trades today but only to manage my existing short trade. I may put on a few day trades today. A good vehicle in the indexes is the Weekly options. For instance I made 2 weekly option trades in SPY a few days ago. I purchased first 5 sept/11 198 calls at 1.37 and then exited the trade at 1.24 for a 65.00 loss and then made a 2nd trade 5 sept /11 196.50 puts for 1.10 and sold at 1.58 for a 240.00 gain. Weekly options give you great leverage however the commissions on each trade in and out is 14.00 as opposed to 4.00 trading the index alone. But you get a huge amount of leverage. 5 contracts at 1.10 costs you 550.00

Now if you wish to see why I get up at 4:00 on trading days. This is my detailed analysis I do every morning for 2 hours before the market opens:


If you want to follow my swing trades just send an invite to RICKJSWINGS for a two week free trial.

For those of you whose trial is running out you can sign up for 24$ a month through Paypal. Just send to my email address: riccja3@gmail.com

twitter: rickjsportplays
Twitter: rickjswingtrade
Private Twitter: Rickjswings ( send me an email for a 2week free trial)

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