3:10 Update

Thursday we went 1-1 on our College hoop Plays. UCLA +6.5 was an easy winner as UCLA won the game by 10! Our total lost by a bucket in a close finish. Our setup in the NFL Total was a loser on a last hail hail mary!

Tonight one play in College football:

Northern Ill
Bowling Green

The betting is 55% on Bowling Green with the line moving with the betting from -9.5 to -13.5. Its -14 at some books. Models favor Northern Illinois while variables are neutral on the game. The public numbers are far from extreme and I am Passing on this game. Not much to go on with the exception of possibly a slightly inflated line. Not enough to try to buck the 5% vig on the game.

Good luck if you try to pick a winner on this game.

Subscribers I will be sending plays out 1 to 10 min before game time. If you have not signed up yet just hit the paypal button on the upper right and pick the subscription you wish. Its never too late to get on one of the best services available. Picks will be sent out via my private twitter feed directly to you cell phone!

Chart of the day:

Ration of Employed people exiting labor force to becoming unemployed over the past year!

And Fed is hiking rates???

outofwork6:30 Update

Well did I say this is a buyable selloff:) Now 250 pts lower it must look great! The difficulty is that the adage of do not fight the fed most likely applies now. It is no coincidental that almost without exception the market tanks whenever the fed speaks. And I do not mean a minor selloff. But a major drop such as yesterday dow down 250!!! What was disconcerting to most was not only the fed being inflexible on the rate hike issue but Yellen getting up and speaking like she is a social engineer. When was the Fed chairman in the past so concerned about income inequality in America? Is that in her job description? And more importantly what policies is she going to implement in order to “equalize” this disparity? I could name a few but I do not want to frighten anyone.

Perhaps everyone is reading too much into this but if you listen to her comments it comes out loud and clear. In addition the ECB was not as aggressive as most hopped. So it appears that violent swings are going to be the norm from here on out which makes trading much more interesting to say the least.

Thats why if you are a trader its imperative to manage stops. Manage your trade size. You need to be obsessive about this. If its not in your nature then you need to quit trading. Its as simple as that. Of course you could not take my word for it and learn the hard way. But why do that whey you have a reasonable 68 year old geek telling you what really is the gospel.

I am not flat on my swing trades. That came down quickly and am still showing a 1000 profit for swing trading this month and its only the 4th. I have been managing these trades very well so far. I also have a portfolio of stocks which I am holding until May. Why? Because seasonally this is the time to own stocks.

The market now is oversold. The jobs number came out this morning and we got a nice bounce but that was short lived as the market is now down about 1/5% 15 min before the open. Again I believe this is buyable here but looks like you can get in lower. My intention is to put on swings that trigger and perhaps start adding to my stock portfolio at these levels.

If you want to follow my swing trades just send an invite to RICKJSWINGS for a two week free trial.

For those of you whose trial is running out you can sign up for 24$ a month through Paypal. Just send to my email address: riccja3@gmail.com

Let me mention 24 a month is a bargain. I cannot say it any simpler. And if you subscribe to my handicapping plays and then add the stock trades its even less. Most stock services of this caliber are 1000 a year.

The reason I am charging now is I have been spending quite a bit of money for data , software etc to provide these services. And its time I have recouped this. Spending 5 to 10 thousand a month for hardware , software, data, programming etc has left me with the choice of charging or quitting. Let alone the enormous time I spend every day. But I enjoy doing this so I have chosen to charge to help recoup my costs that I incur.

So there you have it. Hope all of you sign on!

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