Nothing again today. But there are a number of nhl games that could turn into plays. If anything shows up I will update my blog and twitter around 3 or so pst.

After my post about earnings expectations I received the following comments:


Why don’t you play online or do you?”

“Online’s rigged. jk. Great blog Rick and thanks for all your picks. Also I am friends w/ some of the Bellagio players you play w/ and am a professional poker player as well. I happen to be one of the most successful online pros and if you or any of your readers want to follow an online pro living in Vegas, feel free to visit my blog at Again thanks for the picks Rick! “

I do play online…but only when I am either doing my handicapping in the morning
or doing my stock market research and trading in the morning. And then its usually Omaha 8 or better and very low stakes….no higher then 10-20.

My sense about internet poker is it doesnt seem to play out the same as a live session. But I dont put in the hours like some do online so the reliability of my statement is suspect.

Although one of the things that you miss from online play is the ability to see who is at the table. Sure you see there online names and if you have poker tracking software you have there stats but when I am in a hand with a person in a live game I have instant recall of the betting tendencies of the person. I have a good idea of their
betting patterns, hand selection, what they are capable of, and how they are playing at the time.

Its much more difficult in online play. And next to impossible for me since I am doing many other things at the time.

And finally there is no question in my mind that people collude. Its as simple as chatting via yahoo messenger while playing the game. And then of course you have other things to worry about. The site cheating(which has happened from time to time), poker bots, and also now poker bots that play in the same game that share hand information.

Considering you have a razor thing edge to begin with any of the above can effect significantly your ability to gain a profit online.

So for me….live play is the way to go.

Good Luck Today

Twitter: Rickjsportplays

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