Nothing again today although there is one mlb game that is close and I
will be watching the numbers throughout the day.

Poker Comments:

I received a few emails yesterday after posting about knowing your edge against each
player you play against and how hard that is. In addition I received a few emails about
being the tightest player at the game comments.

Let me address them each:

I can start out by saying that if you have been playing with a player for over a month and have no clue as to what your edge is against that player you had better be
looking for another pasttime…this one is going to get very expensive for you.

You should know about each player…there playing style, both on the upside and downside… what they are capable of, do they semi-bluff, can they raise bluff on the river, do they raise the flop for a free turn card, do they bet into multiple players with light hands, do they only raise before the flop with AA hands, do they limp in early position with A2 hands or raise with any A little hands…. how is there post flop play compared with perfect post flop play…and overall what is there theory on pre flop hand selection.

I say the last because many omaha 8 players believe you can play any 4 profitably as
long as you play well after the flop. I will tell you I would be the last person to discourage that type of thinking:)

There is much more but these are things I know about each player I play with. In addition you should have a good idea how each of them perceive you. After all its these perceptions that you can use to your advantage from time to time.

I think you get the idea. once you know this…knowing the edge becomes much easier.

As to the 2nd set of emails regarding a tight image. A few of you have written that you take some heat not playing many pots or being conceived of being tight.

My answer would be “so what”. You play your game pure and simple. Now the comments your going to get from other players are from 2 types. First there is the live loudmouth player. He is the live one in the game and loud and obnoxious. The best way to avoid him is not to interact with him at all. Sooner or later he will lose and quit or win and quit but wont be around long. If he gets around to you just ignore him he wont be around long.

The 2nd group are the ones that have been playing for years and years and think they are professional players. You get a few of these in vegas that because they have been in vegas 20 to 30 years and survived and not gone broke they feel they are professionals. The only thing is there attitude never progressed to the professional level and have stayed the same since they have started playing. Usually these types go out of there way to let the other know how they have survived in vegas for 20 to 30 years. Its almost comical.

The players you need to be aware of are the ones that have been around but when your done playing with them you think…what a great guy. You see the really professional players are the ones that make you feel very comfortable playing with them. They go about the task of taking your money but do it leaving you with a pleasant experience as it can be.

At the limits I play at these types of players are few and far between. There is only 1 that I play with on a sporadic basis that fits that description. I used to play with him more when there was a regular 75-150 omaha 8 game but that has long past.

If you really want to play with these types of players….more then likely the minimum you will be playing is 300-600. And if you really want to play with the best..who will make you feel great while playing with them…. look up Barry Greenstein and Doyle Brunson ….but its on up to he 2000-4000 game!

In any event unless you play at super high limits your going to experience the so called pros at the medium limits and there personality’s. Its just a part of the poker

So suck it up….and ignore any comments and keep your task in mind…to get your share of the profits.

Good Luck Today

Twitter: rickjsportplays

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