Nothing last few days…..but today there are 3 games that are very close. The only
thing missing right now is the public isnt quite on the favorite enough for me
to release these.

But they are close enough that I will follow the 3 games today and update this blog and twitter if anything develops.

An email:


I think you have a great blog and have been following you for 2 years now. Thank you for the winners!

I just read through your poker comments and have found them very informative about reality at the poker tables in Las Vegas. I had the same impression that there are always a few nut cases playing and usually they are the ones that have been in Las Vegas for years.

I noticed that you are an instrument rated pilot. I am thinking about getting my pilots license but really dont know anyone to get advice from. What do you think….is it too dangerous?

Thanks again

My Response:

Nice to see your making money with these plays. As I have always said I do this as a hobby similar to working crossword puzzles in the morning.

As far as getting your pilots license. I will tell you the same thing I told my son when he asked the same question of me. Nothing is more exhilarating then piloting your own plane. Its a real rush…..and you encounter beauty that you wouldnt imagine flying through overcast skies to breakout over the cloud cover into sunlight. Simply amazing.

Flying when you have flown awhile is almost too easy. That is until things go wrong! Then it becomes very very difficult.

The downside is that things can occur beyond your control and you can crash. When you crash in a plane you really dont have the same leeway you do in an auto. Now most crashes are pilot error….say about 99%….but there is that 1% that occurs that you are really vulnerable to.

So my recommendation is that if you decide to get your pilots license…be sure to get instrument rated. Your proficiency increases 100x by getting your instrument rating. If it were my decision there would be no vfr pilots out there…..all would be required to get an instrument rating.

Myself…..I have flown for 25 years…the first 10 was vfr….I had a crash…my fault…totaled my plane and walked away from the crash…..very lucky. I then went on to get my instrument rating…..flew for another 15 years..and had another crash…not my fault. The nose gear wouldnt come down….so had to land the plane without nose gear.

I flew into Indianapolis international…they had all the runways closed for me while I brought the plane in for a landing. As I was setting up for the landing one of the comercial jets radioed me and wished me good luck!

An interesting experience to say the least:)

I hope this gives you some insight.

Twitter: rickjsportplays

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