We had an easy time of it with our play on Toronto on Thurs winning 5-0.

Today only 2 home dogs and 1 that could possibly turn into a pick. The dodger game starts at 7 pst and as of right now its quite a bit away from being a pick. But I will watch the numbers and if it turns into anything I will follow up with a post.

Poker Comments:

I have struggled over the years trying to win money playing online poker. I only play limit and low stakes since I really don’t trust the environment. When the world series is in town here in Vegas there is an opportunity to talk with a variety of good players and almost without exception most have given up trying to win online.

Now there are exceptions to that and you read about the players that play 20 tables at a time making huge amounts of money. But as to the good limit players I know that are winning players in live cash games in the casino almost every player has given up online play or has at least commented on having difficulty winning.

There is enough uncertainty for me to not take playing online seriously.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Good Luck Today

Twitter: rickjsportplays

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  • Clark

    I feel the exact same way about online poker. There are numerous instances of cheating/hacking in poker sites. The style of play there is nowhere near what poker should be like. I play mostly SNG and MTT and constantly run into players making ridiculous plays hitting 1-2 outers with alarming frequency. With the kind of money floating around in online poker I feel pretty confident that there is significant cheating/hacking going on at certain blind levels and MTT entry levels. It's just too tempting. There is corruption in every other industry in our world, what makes people think online poker is immune?

  • Charlie

    I started playing home games at 16 and have been cutting my teeth in 1/2 and 2/5 games in underground games. While I have tried to make the transition to online, due to the huge amounts of money and games, I've been unsuccessful. Most b&m ( brick and mortar) players, besides the very best make the transition well because so much of our success comes from playing the player and that becomes very difficult to do across the virtual felt. In my opinion, the successful internet players never played extensive live poker before hopping online, just like their style works great online, they'd for the most part be picked apart when at a live table. The styles don't always transition well, and that's been my biggest problem. I don't feel the sites are rigged though. I know UB and AP had it's problem but that was from an inside guy and not an outside hacker.

  • mouldhouse

    A late comment on this post – I stopped playing online when a friend was investigating opening a poker website, approached some software companies and more than one (large) one asked him if he would want "normal" software or "action" software – decided that I had heard enough.

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