We had 5 plays on Thurs and went 3-2. Our college hoop plays went 2-2. Nothing was easy yesterday. Elon covered by 1/2 a point, Santa Clara pulled away at the end to cover, Portland st could of gone either way but went against us by a bucket, and Western Kentucky got blown out in the 2nd half.

But our nhl plays continue to do well at the moment with The rangers winning 1-0

Doesnt look there will be any college hoops today, maybe something in the nba and most likely 1 or 2 plays in the nhl.

Also if you have been following the odds for Best Actress this last week saw almost a doubling of the price for Natalie Portman to win the Oscar. If she wins the Golden Globe this weekend I would expect the price to increase further. And by Oscar time I would be surprise if you didnt have to lay anywhere from 8 or 10 to 1.

Finally away from the subject of gambling.

Every once in awhile you come across someone in todays world that is so far above his peers that you wonder in amazement how in all of this turmoil and insanity around the world a person like him could be produced.

That person in my opinion is Fareed Zakaria. He has a 1 hour show on CNN every Sunday morning that deals mostly with international politics but also covers many other current issues around the world. In addition he has written two books, “The Future of Freedom” and “The Post-American World”. I am half way through the first book and it is excellent.

If you have any interest at all in whats going on around the world, and wish a fresh, objective, logical and sane view he is really worth listening to for some good insights into very difficult issues.

Just wanted to share that with everyone.

Will update later as things develop.

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