Friday mlb lean

Friday mlb lean

The White Sox had an easy time of it on Thursday winning 8-2 and denying lester his 20th win.

Today 1 lean in mlb:

929 – T Cahill
930 SEA – L French +115
I got +118

Nothing I can see in the ncaa fb game tonight. The line opened at 6.5 and is now down to 3.5 this morning with 63% of the public on the road favorite.

Another note…September is behind us in Baseball and its a good example of the swings that can take place month to month. At a little over the half way mark to the month we were down about 9.5 units for the month and things were looking pretty grim. It was our largest downswing of the season and it was a sharp quick downswing. I know from some of the comments I received and emails that some got very discouraged and more then likely gave it up.

The point is that when you begin wagering you need to expect drawdowns. Its not a question of if they will occur. Its only a question of when and how much. This year 9.5 has been the worst in mlb. But believe me when I tell can get much worse then that!

Now for those that didnt get discouraged the last day of the month brought us into the plus column for the month. Not much of a plus but about a half a unit. So in less then a half a month we recovered to overcome the 9.5 unit drawdown. A nice surprise.

The trick is to bet an amount that a 20 unit downslide will not cause you any monetary or psychological discomfort. This is supposed to be fun. For me its an intellectual exercise each morning similar to working crossword puzzles.

I know I have written the above many times before…but believe me when I tell you…when your gambling on a daily basis….assuming your a positive ev player….its the most important concept you need to understand and apply.

Good Luck Today

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  • mouldhouse

    Another classy post on the subject Rick. Very nice

  • Anonymous

    yes I agree, Rick has said this many times before, but until someone is the in the middle of a downfall, it will either sink in or it will never sink in, and if you find that you are in panic mode every time some adversity comes along.. time to find another hobby!

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