Friday nba total

1 Total today in the Nba:

Miami under 203( I do not bet these….for tracking purposes only!!!!)


Twitter: rickjsportplays

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  • Paul Sampugnaro

    Hi Rick,
    I check your site out from time to time and really like the new look. I have to say I’ve been doing very well this year in NBA total’s. That’s pretty much what I bet in the NBA and also 1st half plays if I think a foul fest is a strong possibility. Anyway I’m against you on the Under in the Miami/Wash game but it’s only a regular bet. I have two Best Bets tonight. OVER in the Philly/Detroit Game it’s currently at 193 but this number will go down and my feeling is that 191.5 or 191 will be there as the day goes on. But it’s still makes the cut for a best bet even at 193.
    The 2nd game is UNDER in the N.O/Minn game and that currently is at 194.5 with a 195 here and there. I also believe this number will rise a couple of points so I’m going to wait for a possible 196.5/197 But like the other best Bet it’s still very good at 195
    Thanks and have a great day Having a big day in the market after having a not so good week in the market.

  • Steve

    Paul where can I find your plays? Are they on any blog or anything?

  • Paulsam

    Hey Steve,

    I just recently gave up my web-site because of job commitments. So there’s nowhere other then sometimes I’ll put some plays on a couple of sports forums that I visit. Baseball and NBA Total’s are my specialty. See my problem with posting plays consistently is my day time job. I’m more a numbers guy then handicapper and that means I don’t handicap and then play all my games that I like.
    I fine that way very hard to win that way. To keep this short I make my plays at various times of the day depending when I feel I have the best of number. I post my plays via text message to my wife. The only reason I’m here this late is because I took a few extra days off. Steve, with Rick’s permission I’ll post plays whenever I can. Baseball will be a lot easier because I”m an angle player and I usually have all my plays early in the morning. Check out the baseball part and see my record last year and you’ll see what type of player I am in baseball. Dogs and very short Favorites. I do like one play tonight and it’s just a regular bet that’s UNDER 203.5 in the Sac/Memphis game. I completely understand why this game when from 200 to 203.5 If your going play this game I would play it now as IMO this game has to move back some. If this game goes crazy and went to 205 I would bet it again. Good talking to you.

  • Paulsam

    Coming off a nice 5-0 day on Friday and just when you think you know something here comes a game that goes from 200 to now 205 and I like the UNDER which I bet at 203.5. I find it hard to believe that this game goes up 5 points because Battier and Randolph will be in the lineup tonight. Well I’m going to put another .5 Unit on the UNDER 205. I just registered at the forum and hopefully some of the guys that are registered will post and get something going here.

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