friday nba+nhl+all ncaafb plays

friday nba+nhl+all ncaafb plays

Finally a losing day. I was beginning to wonder. Pittsburgh made a fight of it in the first half but really couldnt hang close. So -1 unit yesterday.

Lot of plays tonight…. 2 nhl plays, 2 nba plays, 2 ncaafb plays and then for sat..5 ncaafb plays.

Good Luck!

17-Nov-06 4:35pm
17-Nov-06 Hockey
Money Dallas Stars +107

17-Nov-06 4:35pm
17-Nov-06 Hockey
Money Ottawa Senators +110

17-Nov-06 5:05pm
17-Nov-06 Basketball
Total Washington Wizards/Detroit Pistons (U 201.5) for Game -107

17-Nov-06 5:05pm
17-Nov-06 Basketball
Memphis Grizzlies (+5.5) -110

17-Nov-06 3:00pm
17-Nov-06 Football
Spread Eastern Michigan (+11.5) -110

17-Nov-06 11:00am
18-Nov-06 Football
Memphis (+17) -108

17-Nov-06 11:00am
18-Nov-06 Football
Total Oklahoma State/Texas Tech (U 69.5) for Game -105

17-Nov-06 5:00pm
18-Nov-06 Football
Total California/USC (U 55) for Game -109

17-Nov-06 8:00pm
18-Nov-06 Football
Total San Jose State/Hawaii (U 73) for Game -105

Also remember I previously posted northern Il and northwestern as ncaafb plays.

Good Luck!


Record to date:

Sides: 17- 14 +6.83
o/u 3-8-1 -5.09
Sides 25-21-1 +4.35
o/u 3-5 -2.28
Sides 13-3-1 +9.85
o/u 4-3 +.83
sides 19-17 +4.49
Side 10-9 +.79
o/u 5-3 +1.94

Total 185 Bets + 21.57 units +11.66% Return

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