Friday Options Expiration…After a Huuuuge Rally:)

12:30 Update

We had two plays on Thursday and went 0-2. Both were in MLB. Our 1 unit play on the Yankees +133 lost 2-4  and our 1/2 unit play on Milwaukee +170 lost 0-7.

Only 1 game early today with nothing on that game. In addition, we have the NBA playoffs tomorrow. As opposed to the NHL playoffs the NBA provides some opportunities post season. So we should be able to find some EV plays there.

I will post shortly before game times as usual.

It’s been pretty silent on the question front the last several days. So if anyone has any questions either subscribers or frequenters of the site do not hesitate to ask.

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Good Luck Tonight


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks


And it’s Friday already. As I expected the market had quite a run up this week and me benefited from it. Today, however, might be a bit different as historically we get a pullback today at least during the morning of trading.

I went flat yesterday prior to the close expecting a potential pullback today with chances of a bigger one going into next week. I am still net short the oil market and I took a trade in SDS this morning shortly after the open for a day trade. That’s about it right now and I do not anticipate doing much else today.

I received an email yesterday asking about my cost of trading as I make a significant number of trades each month. My cost is $2.00 in and $2.00 out. That goes for any trade regardless of the size of the trade. So if I make a $100,000 trade is $2.00. Essentially the cost of trading to me at least as to the commissions is insignificant.

How not everyone can get this rate as you need a fairly large balance in your account to qualify. But there are still plenty of brokers that offer discount rates and if your an active trader you should be looking for the lowest cost reliable broker you can find.

I have not looked for a long time but a simple google search will point you in the right direction. Now options trading is different. I pay 1.00 an option with 2.00 added onto the trade. That is why my preference for trading most of the time is equities and ETFs. One other difference is the difference between bid and ask on equity trading is often .01c  while options are quite a bit higher.

That’s most likely going to be it for me today as I am going to wait until the market consolidates a bit to get an idea what trades offer the best risk-reward.

If you wish to follow my trades you can at @rickjswings. It’s free for now and might give you some insight into swing trading. And you can always ask if there is something you would like explained.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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