From the Abyss! Overnight Markets are now Green!

Sunday we went 1-2 on our plays. Winning with Canisius +11.5 and losing with Arizona State +8 and Washington State +11. Our setups went 1-1 in college hoops.

Starting March 1st I will spreadsheet all plays made. So now you will be able to not only and see the monthly results but, in addition, the games that played along with whether they won or lost. It will make it much easier then going back to the days posts to see what the games were that were played that day. It’s going to be a little extra work for me to do that but should not be very much. But in the end, it will add to the transparency which I endeavor to be 100% at. This is being done not because of a sudden brainstorm by me but at the request of a subscriber. If anyone else has any ideas how to improve on this site I welcome all suggestions.

In addition, I will be adding a FAQ section so that everything is a bit clearer as to the service I am providing and how to subscribe. So little by little I am getting things straightened out from where the site used to be.

It’s interesting as what I have found is WordPress and new themes are not without bugs, to say the least! Always a surprise or two when you start adding and subtracting from the site.

We have tournament time almost upon us. If you’re on the fence about joining our group now is a great time to get started. I know of nothing more exciting than tournament time in college hoops. We are at 58.5% winners this college hoop season. My goal is to break the 60% number for the season. Let’s see how close I can get:)

If you are interested in signing on just hit the PayPal button on the upper right and for a small monthly subscription you will get all the plays, setups, and advice on any of the games you are interested in.

Hope to see you on board!

Good Luck Tonight


Overnight the Markets were down almost 1% most likely on news that China was off 5%. But now we are positive .2% at least for now.

I have a short term bias to the short side right now as the markets are overbought. Also, I have on a 1/4 position on the short side of SPY. I was complaining a bit on Friday that I might now be able to get the rest of my positions on but this morning I may get what I wish for:)

Today I will be looking for day trades but most likely that is it. If the market rallies strongly from here then adding to my short position will be a consideration.  This week is flooded with reports and of course super Tuesday.

This week is flooded with reports and of course super Tuesday. I have been asked for more than usual lately what I think of the different candidates. I again maintain my stance that this is a completely neutral site politically. Although I make comments from time to time about our federal reserve and the competence of our Federal Government my comments are far from focusing on either party. Both certainly get their share of criticism! So if your ask you will get the same response. I have no opinion politically! Let’s keep this site focused on where we all want it….finding positive EV where ever it might be:)

Good Luck Today in the markets


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