A full Saturday of games today!!! Where in the world is the value today???

A full Saturday of games today!!! Where in the world is the value today???

Friday we had 2 plays and went 1-1.

In MLB Oakland +131 lost 5-10.

In the NBA the Lakers -2 won 98-94.

We also had 4 big move games:

Pitt -149

Oakland +145

Dodgers -114

Houston -160

Closing lines:

Pitt -139

Oakland +138

Dodgers -152

Houston -152

So we were 2-2 on predicting line moves bringing the prediction movement to 11-2-1 for an average of .13 movement.

There are a number of ways you can use these Big Line move games.

One way is to incorporate them into your own handicapping as a power rating to see where the value might be. I am not that sold on using them that way as I feel that variables and the public need to be taken into consideration before you can find value. But I am tracking them as I do plays so we can see where they end up at season end.

The second way would be to play a middle on the game. With an average move of .13, it would be tight on a 10c line. But if your fortunate enough to have a book like matchbook then you’re in business.

I would say an account with matchbook would be very profitable in playing these games for middles.

At the very least it will give you some idea where the line is heading to know when to place your wager.

If you are a serious handicapper I cannot tell you how valuable knowing the way the line is going to move can be.

Today so far I have sent out 3 plays and 6 Big move games.

On the big move games typically they are in order of the biggest chance of a move on down. In practice, of course, the correlation does not always work out that way but there tends to be a good bias.

I still get questions now and then on opinions I have on games. I do not mind answering all questions, but the breakdown of each game I send out via email is pretty informative on this. In addition, it gives you access to any leans I have on the games.

So, if you’re not getting these just send me an email and I will add you to the list.

Good Luck Today


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