A full slate of games to handicap today should keep me very busy!!!

5:45 Update

One more bowl game tonight:

Kansas St

Texas AM

Betting is 50/50 on the game with the line moving from -2 to -3.5. Models are neutral on the game. Variables are neutral and public betting is neutral I have not seen that for quite awhile. The only hint that might exist on the game is the line moving from -2 to -3.5 with only 50% of the betting on the game. That would indicate some “sharp” action on Texas. However, it might not also. But that’s about all I can dream up. This game is as clear a pass as one can find and I am passing

Have a good evening!!!

5:00 Update

Next Bowl game on tap:



Betting is 70% on Utah with the line moving from -8 to -3.5+100. Now that is quite a reverse line move without there being a significant injury. I imagine there must be some big services putting out Indiana tonight. My models strongly favor Utah. Actually about as strong as you can. Which leads me to an anomaly in handicapping. When all your models point to one side by a large amount you need to be wary of something typically is going on that the models have not factored in. Not sure if that is the situation tonight but models, when there are that lopsided as I see here, are never as good as they look. Variables point strongly to Indiana but the large move negates that someone and public leans to Indiana. So a pretty confusing picture to say the least. I am passing and see no edge on either side.

Good Luck Whichever side you take!


2:20 Update:

Next bowl game coming up:

W. Virg

Miami fla

Betting is 54% on the Dog with the line moving from -3 to -3-114. Models favor Miami, Variables are neutral and public betting favors Miami. Without the variables, I do not wager on a game. So I will be passing. If you’re thinking however about going with the dog you might want to take another look at the game

Good Luck whichever side you choose!

Things have been quiet on the handicapping front but with the holiday season winding down things should pick up very soon. By very soon I mean like today:)

On Tuesday we went 1-1 on plays.

Baylor +7 was an easy 31-12 win and in college hoops, Penn St +3.5 never had a chance.

Today so far no plays have been sent out however there are a number of games on my radar.

I will be sending out plays today as they become clear but typically 15 to 30 min before game time unless its real close then usually 5 min or so before game time.

I am going to cut this short this morning as have a lot to get done with the market hitting the skids:)

I will try to comment on a few football games today if I get a chance.

Good Luck Today


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