Game 1 of regular season NFL is now behind us…and what a game!!!

Thursday was the start of the NFL season and I got off to a good start with a one unit win on Denver +3 along with winning my first game pick in the Hilton Contest!!!  It was looking grim at the half but Denver came back and not only covered but won the game outright 21-20.

In MLB we had 3 plays. Our 1 unit plays went 1-1 and our 1/2 unit total lost. Seattle -113 won 6-3 and Houston +133 Lost 7-10. Seattle Under 8.5 +107 lost 6-3.

There was 1 Big Move Game:

Houston +133

With the closing line

Houston +120

One game and one game our way!!!

These big move games have been very predictive of which way the line is going to move from the time I put them out. It’s uncanny how accurate they have been. If you’re doing your own handicapping this is very valuable information as it allows you to either pull the trigger now or wait depending on the prediction.

A caveat, however, is that this is not a stand alone betting indicator. It can only be used with other successful techniques as a screen. And it’s one of the most powerful screens I have seen in MLB.

For my plays, I started implementing this screen in earnest about the 2nd month of the MLB season. And you can see we have had almost no drawdown since then. Which leads me to next season in MLB. Between the totals and 1 unit plays MLB has the potential to turn into a very profitable endeavor. Finally:) But we will see.

As one of the biggest bookies around told me years ago…”Rick, No one beats baseball for any amount of money”!

When you’re a high stakes poker player you run into a few big gamblers that have extensive experience. Certainly, anyone can be a bookie and many become one before the NFL season starts. However aside from the legal end, the business has pitfalls that are real. It’s not an easy business and I have known many how started and went busted booking. I had the opportunity years ago to get on the ground floor of a bookie operation that went on to be very successful. But I elected not to get involved as being a full-time trial attorney was not conducive to being a bookie on the side.

Several years after I had that opportunity I got a call from one of the owners saying that the FBI was in his house searching and found a huge amount of cash hidden. My advice…say nothing!!! But of course, he did not follow it:)

In any event, you get the drift of what I am saying. Both sides of the equation bookie and bettor are tough. And except for being illegal, they are tough for the same reason….managing your bankroll and reducing variance.

Enough rambling for this morning. Today I have sent out a 1 unit play along with 5 Big Move Games.

There are two College football games tonight and more on that a bit later. But we started out week 1 with a 2-1 week.

If you’re planning on joining us for the football season now is a perfect time to jump on board. For a small monthly subscription you get the following:

  1. All plays in all sports I cover during your subscription.
  2. MLB Big Move Games sent out long before most of you wake up:)
  3. My Hilton Picks sent out around noon every Saturday
  4. All plays sent out via my private twitter feed along with a backup SMS service to your cell phone
  5. Access to me via email for any opinion you want on any games you’re looking at . I handicap almost every game and have up to date numbers and variables I look at.
  6. joining a group for a fun and exciting football season

This for me is the best time of the year for handicapping sports. Football has always been my favorite sport to handicap. Take a look at the subscriptions available under the PayPal menu. All have a 3-day free trial.

I can say without hesitation that RickJ’s Handicapping Picks is one of the best values for services around today. Most charge much more and need a lump sum for each sport for the season. Again the cost is many times our small subscription, also, I match my results against any for consistency positive EV and finally drawdowns.

Hope to see you join us for a fun football season.

Good Luck Today


Rick’js Handicapping Picks

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