More games in Pre Season NFL on today for today!!!

More games in Pre Season NFL on today for today!!!

Friday we had a 1 unit play in MLB along with two 1/2 unit plays in PreSeason NFL. I MLB our one unit play with MINN -117 lost 3-7 and in Preseason NFL we split winning Detroit +3 30-17 and losing Green Bay Over 35 17-11.

We also had a very rare day yesterday with no big move games. First time as I can recall.

Today there have been no plays sent out but early today I sent out 3 big move games.

I am still getting emails every night regarding signing up for football this season and also the special. So let me summarize it:

1. The special ends tomorrow. It’s $196.00 that will cover you from the date you sign up until the last football game is played. Around Jan 10th is my recollection. This covers all sports I put plays out on.

2. The regular $49.00 a month subscription is also available through the PayPal sign on. Or you can sign up through the Paypal sign on for 2weeks or 1 year. All three have a 3-day free trial.

The advantages of subscribing are :

1. Access to all plays for all sports I cover during the time of your subscription
2. Access to my big move games in MLB
3. My top 5 to beat the spread each week in the NFL (These will be put out Saturday after Noon PST)
4. While your a member of our group I am available to answer any questions you might have (except as to politics). That includes any other topic and also includes my opinion and why on any games your interested in.

Before subscribing I ask that you look at several things:

1. My record published on this page for 8 years of NFL and College football
2. My documented NFL record from last year at
3. My required reading section at the top of the page

I want anyone that does sign up to have full knowledge of my previous record along with the recommendations and caveats in the must read portion.

Let me also say I will match my football record against anyone!!! In addition, the cost of joining us is minimal compared to what most other services cost. Some are upwards to $2500 just for the NFL season. Many are in the $1500 range. And most of these cannot even come close to the quality of plays that I suggest.

Ok…promoting is finished for today! I am always uncomfortable self-promoting but business is business:)

Hope to see all of you join us for a fun, exciting and hopefully profitable season.

Good Luck Today

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More games in Pre Season NFL on today for today!!! 1More games in Pre Season NFL on today for today!!! 3